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Happy Birthday to my Little Man
My Little Man is 3!!!  He looks innocent in the pictures but you have no idea.   What to guess what happened in the picture below? Buddha decided to fall out of this window.  He stood on the back of my love seat.  The window was open since it was a hot day ...

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Tahitian and Hula show - May day
Lets play a game: find me :D Here are some videos from our May day (a northern California polyesian event).  I just dance in Tahitian this time. Here is a video of the little diva.  Could you find her?

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Chance to win free summer camp for the kiddies

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Sometimes it is just not worth it
A conversation today with one of my friends questioned if somethings are just worth it. Here is the conversation for your entertainment: My Friend :  That's it no more lean cuisines I got my amazon GC that took a LONG time ha me :  damn and wait did soemone...

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Buddha is a strange one :D
Over the weekend, I went to San Fran with the girls.  I had to get some toys for the kids.  I found a punching glove attached to a stick.  I am that mother who gets weapons for my kids :D   Here are some pics of Buddha acting strange.  Top left: Buddha wear...

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It is all about DIVA
Happy Hump day.  I needed some entertainment today.   This is a pic from last December and the videos were from this last weekend. Julia dancing thinikling in her school's cultural show. And her teaching papa karate

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The kids new bed
J/K but this is how I found them after work one day.  Eating a biscuit, chicken nuggets, and a mango under one of our trees.

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Flying Diva
I'm trying to catch up on the photos I have been wanted to post since November :D Here is one of Diva during winter break.  I am waiting for this child to break an arm. This is the affect of having Gak for 1/2 a day and it took 1/2 an hour in the shower get...

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It is Monday! Buddha has the right idea
This is the best representation how I feel right now!  I want be doing this right now. He could sleep anyway :D

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Buddha is a teddy bear
Buddha has been attending to preschool twice a week.  We just got this email from his teacher: Dear Mr. and Mrs. :   Buddha is continuing to grow and blossom in our classroom! Each day, he is becoming more verbal and is learning to speak more words such as ...
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