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Recent studies have revealed the fact that IT Managed Services are much less expensive in comparison to other options like Breakfix and Block Hours. IT systems that are looked after by a team of professionals who perform IT tasks around the clock reduce costly downtime and see an increase in staff productivity. Monitoring Agents, Security and Anti-Virus software constantly evaluate the health and vulnerability of your Network and Systems.

Subscribing to Managed Services

Whenever a company subscribes to Managed Services they can be assured that they have the latest products in the marketplace to protect their business. They are responsible to manage the network equipment along with applicable systems & applications on the clients premises and off. All services are performed as per a Terms of Service Agreement (SLA) that has industry leading service benchmarks and services that have been established through a “Best Practices” approach for meeting the unique requirements of your business.

Some of these services may be hosted solutions. In other words, the service provider may host the equipment in their facility or utilizes the ever growing Cloud to possibly reduce costs for their client. They also deliver superior individual services to company employees over the wide area network. Whenever the IT Services environment faces a continuous change due to expansions and upgrades, it gradually becomes a bit complex for an organization to manage on its own. A Managed Service Provider would have installed agents that allow them to push out updates and remote services when necessary and needed.

Business Needs – Kept in Due Consideration

By keeping in tune with your ongoing business needs, the Managed Service Provider can power your business without causing any gap in operation along with an uninterrupted flow of real time information. For such a purpose, it is recommended to align your IT strategies to business strategy. Such a vital step ensures a high level of security and productivity.

Managed Services permits a business to offload IT operations to a qualified service provider. They assume the ongoing responsibility for 24/7 monitoring along with the proper management and timely problem resolution for the IT systems within the business. A great Managed Service Provider promotes Managed Services as it puts them in alignment with the goals of the business and puts IT on the same page with the rest of the company serving the business.

Responsibility for Backup and Other Services

For businesses of all sizes, Managed Services provides enterprise class capabilities for a predictable monthly fee without putting forward a large initial capital investment or spiking monthly costs. Daily Backups both on-site and off-site for disaster recovery are necessary items in the new world of Ransomware and Malware. Even with the best software your Managed Service Provider might utilize, like a Flu Virus, the bad guys morph their evil doings and stay one-step ahead of the good guys. It is a complete reactive security environment unfortunately. Proper Backups ensure your businesses data remains safe from catastrophic events both manmade and natural tragedies like floods, hurricanes, etc. Having that peace of mind means you can be prepared to enjoy high levels of network support and availability. Also, it enables internal IT staff, if you have one, to focus on strategic activities.

Managed Services may include the responsibility for Backup. It is a first line defence in fixing problems before any negative effects get introduced into a business. The bottom line is a well maintained and proactively serviced computer network always runs in a better way that the alternate! Due to regular network monitoring, desktop optimization and patch management your business will definitely notice a tremendous difference in terms of operations.

Get in Touch with a Fortunate Position

Adhering to Managed Services environment will put you in a fortunate position to reap benefits of preventing long term issues instead of fighting them. Businesses are able to control and reduce overall costs of operation with a flat fee billing model. Cost-effective access is a reality in association with Managed IT Support Services.
As a Managed Service Provider, they are successful in managing all your vendor relationships along with other related IT issues related to the Network getting slow and many more items we have stated in this article. Additional benefits to expect from utilizing Managed Services include reduced operational costs, enhanced operational efficiency, minimized downtime, cost-effective access to enterprise level support etc.

Come and get in touch with us in order to fetch the best solution.
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Why Go for IT Managed Services?

In the past few years we have come across an increasing number of companies across all verticals moving to Managed Services. The move is about going from a traditional IT service model of Time & Materials (Breakfix) or Block Hours to adopting IT managed support services through a Manged Service Provider. No longer are large companies the only ones that can afford these services. Small and medium companies have discovered that they can also reap significant cost savings.

Discovering about IT Managed Services

This trends regarding what small and medium companies have discovered about IT managed services are amazing. Resources at many companies may be scarce. The day of the in-house IT Unicorn that can handle all of a business’s entire Network, Systems, Security and Backup are going by the wayside in the SMB marketplace. It is just to complicated! They may not be well equipped to handle all infrastructure issues and requirements of the company as technology changes every day.
Generally, businesses suffer as the training and knowledge necessary to maintain the infrastructure of the business erodes over time bringing with it increased downtime and unproductivity. The environment now exists that an insufficient amount of IT backup and security will finally lead towards downtime and risks company data and therefore its future.

This is the reason why we see small and mid-size companies turning towards our Uptime Managed Services as an extension of their own team. Those companies are no longer forced to choose a standard set of services that are costly and hardly meet the distinct needs of the company. As a provider, we offer the latest solutions and flexible services. We are at hundreds of clients each year developing solutions and bringing them to our client base. This cross-pollinization allows our staff to add unique skill sets and experiences an in-house person just does not have the opportunity to achieve.

Companies Getting Tremendous Benefits

As a result, we feel proud to state that companies get tremendous benefit from our services that include optimal usage of Managed Services. Benefits in terms of Managed Service are many. Firstly, it helps in reducing the cost in a significant manner! A company always looks to have direct savings towards its bottom line.
Tightening of the IT budget while looking around to meet increasing business demands seems to be the most common order of the day! Thus, companies hover all around to look towards efficient and managed cost pressure along with security. Our team of experts is proficient in terms of providing flexible solutions thus enhancing productivity and eliminating downtime.

Get Access to a Dedicated Local Pool of IT Professionals

With access to a dedicated local pool of IT professionals along with the right tools, we are successful in dealing with all sorts of software and hardware issues in an efficient manner thus enhancing productivity. We enter into a partner relationship with our clients in order to pull back resources during toughest situations.
We have remained successful in enabling our valuable clients to maintain a Managed IT Staff with many competencies. Our managed support services help companies to tap into a diversely trained pool of highly qualified support professionals who are proficient in numerous technical proficiencies as a whole.
Come and Fetch the Best Solution
By getting into touch with SMB Technologies, you can expect to have your IT requirements met with ease and in a timely manner. At the time of engagement we match the profiles of highly experienced and most skilful staff who can meet any sort of technical challenge in a diligent manner. The resources have decades of experience and are well versed in both the Windows & Mac Operating Systems.
Our IT Manage Services are highly agile as they are well recognized for providing superior services and resources in a cost-effective & productive manner. We have adopted a centralized help desk model in order to manage resources in various areas of our market to accommodate quick response times. Come, we are here to help you!
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How to Choose the Best Virus Protection Software?

It is very much important that you are a holder of virus protection software for protecting your computer system from viruses, spyware and adware. Such highly infected programs may result your computer to perform very slowly, thus resulting in unexpected losses. Day by day, numerous anti-virus programs are being developed.

Choosing the Best Product to Meet Your Needs -

As a result, it really becomes very much difficult in choosing the best product in order to meet your requirements. In such a case, it is very much useful to have the right type of information that can help you in selecting the best anti-virus software to protect the system from the hands of intruders.

At the initial level, you must give a trial to the virus protection software before making the final purchase. You may easily find trial versions on almost all websites. They typically span for a period of thirty days. In order to carry on with the same software, you need to move forward with paid subscription. Thorough testing of the product will enable you to judge if the software is the right choice for you.

Research about Effectiveness of Virus Protection Product -

After successful testing out the free version of the virus protection product, it is good to research about its effectiveness. Spyware, Trojans, worms and adware have been linked to identifying theft cases. Also, the problem does not get diminished soon! In addition to solid anti-virus features, the product you ultimately decide to purchase must hold the functionality for removing malicious programs in a well manner.

Now, the software you will be taken into usage must be easy to use. In other words, the anti-virus software you have decided to purchase must be user-friendly. The software must comprise of a simple to use interface, user manual along with a phone number for the convenience of users. Virtual chat system is included in maximum cases for fetching help at the time of any problem.

Additional Features to Expect -

Antivirus chosen must include a virus definition update at least once in a day. As new viruses get identified on a consistent basis, one may ensure about high security of his system. The user must look forward to obtain such software that consumes low amount of system resources. It is an essential feature to look at especially in case of home business.

Finally, you must look forward to purchase such an anti-virus protection product that is rich in features like spam blocker, cookies, website threat analyzer, parental control, firewall, anti-key logger and anti-screen grabber.
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Microsoft announces new data centres in France by 2017 to enhance its cloud services.
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Microsoft announces new data centres in France by 20 17 to enhance its cloud services
by Ron Thomas | posted in: iOS | 0

With a view to boost the overall cloud services in Europe, Microsoft has announced to introduce new data centres in France next year. The expansion plan targets strengthening the existing data centre services in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland in 2017 with a new French server capacity. Microsoft recently launched two of its data centres at Germany having it under review for nearly six months.
The President of Microsoft, France, Vahe Torossian quoted in a press release that “This new Microsoft Cloud in France will offer the same high standards of performance and enterprise reliability that customers expect worldwide, combined with the location of data on French soil to facilitate corporate digital transformation and organizations in France.”

Microsoft is yet to reveal the location of the data centres and even the numbers for the same, although they made it very clear with their statement that there would be multiple data centres at different locations spread across the country. If news is to be believed then Microsoft’s decision to make this announcement this time was tactful following their cloud rival Amazon’s announcement of launching their data centres in France soon.

Having local server infrastructure has all pros attached to it and keeping that in mind, Microsoft has decided to add to their number of existing data centres by launching few in France. Local server infrastructure not only helps faster transfer of data between the customers and cloud, but in addition, it would be able to cover up the data sovereignty issues as well i.e. the data stored digitally is subject to the local laws only.

Setting up local data centres ensures that the customer’s data stay far from the eagle eyes of the U.S. authorities avoiding any unnecessary trouble that may arise at any time. The companies that deal with cloud services like Google, Amazon and Microsoft are popular globally for their fierce rivalry with each other however the same proves to be a boon for the customers since they end up availing the best of data transfer and other cloud services within their vicinity.
Microsoft’s move to open up its data centres in France might be a defensive attack for the AWS news to start up their data centres in France soon. They also believe that satisfying their clients will make them earn the clients’ trust – that undoubtedly rules the cloud arena.
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MarsJoke Ransomware – the strongest threat around
by Ron Thomas | posted in: Software | 0

Ransomware is one of the major treats from among the variety of malwares that exist. As is known, it is malicious software that tends to lock up your computer files and then demands a ransom to unlock them. It has been a pain not only for individual users, but for the Government Agencies as well. Considered to be the most prominent method of cyber extortion, MarsJoke Ransomware is the new name doing rounds targeting the Government Agencies and Educational Institutions in the United States.
MarsJoke Ransomware threatens to wipe off all your data, if you do not fulfil their ransom demand within 96 hours of receiving the warning. The emails received claim to be from airlines making it all the more panicky and complicated for the individuals encountering it for the first time.
The massive MarsJoke Ransomware supposedly started its bulk email campaign on September 22nd this year, sending across numerous emails containing machine locking malware. Proofpoint Security researchers exposed this malware and informed the target to be local and federal government agencies (.Edu and .Gov entities).
The string “HelloWorldItsJokeFromMars” identified in the coding inspired this Ransomware to get renowned as “MarsJoke Ransomware.” The educational institutions are considered to be soft targets for such malware since they do not have robust back up plans in place to have their data secure all the time. On the other hand, the government agencies are allured using cheap flight offers in the emails.
Once infected, the user will be asked for a ransom of 0.7 BTC ($320) to be paid out within the next 96 hours or else if the time expires, all the files would be deleted. If the news is to be believed then MarsJoke is the latest string of the new Ransomware attacks and is going to cost $1bn to the organisations in the year 2016.
Just like the other Ransomware that have hit the market, this is also a full proof string that convinces the users well that their computer has been infected and in the absence of paying the ransom, they would end up losing all their confidential information stored in it. 96 hours is what has been defined as the deadline for the users to pay the demanded money to get rid of this latest malware.
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