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Juhu! Aus Versehen gelöschte Datenansichten, Kontent etc. können demnächst innerhalb von 35 Tagen wieder hergestellt werden!
Introducing Trash Can: Data Recovery in Analytics

We all make mistakes, but the damage might seem irrevocable when accidentally deleting crucial reporting information from Google Analytics. Thanks to feedback from our users, we’re pleased to introduce a new feature to provide a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account: the Trash Can. Read more about it in today's post, linked below.

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Schema Daten als Custom Dimensions via Tag Manager in Google Analytics übertragen:

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AdWords Treemaps - auf Deutsch: Strukturkarten sind mittlerweile auch in den ersten deutschen Konten angekommen

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AdWords Konten Reports in Google Analytics
Introducing Accounts reports in the AdWords reporting section of Google Analytics
/by +Joan Arensman  #analytics   #adwords  

Many advertisers have two or more AdWords accounts linked to a single Google Analytics property. To simplify their data gathering and reporting, we are launching a new Accounts report in the AdWords section of Google Analytics. (

This report allows these advertisers to see their aggregated Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion metrics for each account on a single row. If you want to drill in, just click on any account to see the Campaigns in that particular account.

As with any AdWords report in GA, this new report shows you both AdWords metrics (Impressions, Clicks, CPC, etc.) and GA metrics (bounce rate, time-on-site, % new users, etc.). Use these metrics to get a better understanding of how AdWords traffic performs on your website or in your app.

For more, check out our Help Center article:

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Google Analytics Filter können nun verifiziert werden. Das Tool zeigt einem dann wie viele Besuche etc ohne Filter und mit Filter in eine Datenansicht einlaufen. 
Helpful Tip: Save time and protect your data by testing filters before applying them to a view

Filter verification lets you preview the effects of a filter on incoming traffic before the filter is actually created. There are a number of reasons why verifying your filters is beneficial:

- It takes time (as much as 24 hours) before filter effects become visible in your data. Filter verification lets you see the possible effects of your filter in the present moment.

- Filter effects are permanent: filtered data cannot be restored to its original, unfiltered state. Filter verification can help you catch errors or problems before you save the filter and possibly impact real data in undesirable ways.

- Filter verification makes trying out variations of your filters much more convenient than without the verification feature.

For these reasons, it's good idea to always verify a filter before saving it.

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Portent hat eine Liste von 43 Tools für Marketing-Menschen zusammen gestellt. Da ist sicher für den ein oder anderen etwas dabei. 

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Wie Google funktioniert
Across industries and around the world, technology is shaking up the old rules of business at what seems like a faster rate every day. Thanks to the internet, mobile devices and cloud computing, consumers are more empowered than ever, and individuals and small teams have the tools to make a huge impact.

To keep up, every business will have to adapt. This represents an incredible challenge, and an enormous opportunity. Over the course of the decade we spent leading Google, +Jonathan Rosenberg   and I had to relearn everything we thought we knew about running a successful business. To help you build from what we discovered, we’ve put together this brief guide with our rules for success in the Internet Century.

We hope it serves to encourage and inspire you. If you find it useful, there’s much more in our book at

#HowGoogleWorks #google #business #management

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Benchmarking wird in den nächsten Wochen ausgerollt!
Benchmarking Reports have come to Google Analytics!
#analytics   #benchmarking   #googleanalytics  

These reports, which showcase key acquisition and engagement metrics for your website, can help you spot industry trends, set goals, and answer questions like, “Which channels should I be investing more in?” You can even see how you compare to sites with more traffic, giving you key insight into what it will take to the next level.  

Benchmarking reports allow you to situate your business among 1600 industry categories, 1250 markets and 7 size buckets. The reports are are rolling out over the next few weeks to all Google Analytics users who have opted in to share their data anonymously in the “Audience” section of the reporting interface. Happy Analyzing!

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Searchmetrics hat wieder die wichtigsten SEO Ranking Faktoren aufgelistet: 
Die neue Studie von Searchmetrics sollte jeder SEO lesen. (lbe)

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Google Analytics BigQuery Daten ohne Samplingverluste und ohne Premium auswertbar machen - mit Hilfe von Keen IO
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