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Dr. Janice Presser
Team Well and Prosper!
Team Well and Prosper!

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Three Things an Explorer Can Teach Us About the Modern Job Hunt*
Explorers find and bring back treasures. They are an important Role for the workplace because of their many discoveries, which often lead to great new ideas. So what can we learn from them in the world of work? What do they do that helps them succeed when s...

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Is "Fit" Relative?
'Fit' is a crucial component to understanding human  behavior because the connection people have to a purpose or mission is the primary motivator for  why  people do the things that they do. Because p eople constantly influence one another in how they

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How To Design Extraordinary Team Performance
Resumes and personality tests are helpful tools in
revealing an individual’s skill-set or personality traits; however, such tools
cannot predict how individuals will apply those skills and traits in a
real-world/real-work environment. So how do we make up f...

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Five Ways to Increase Your Teamability®
Teamability®: The ability to be a great team player. Everyone wants great team players. What can you do to be a better one? Try answering these questions and you’ll generate your own personalized tips: Think back over all your job experiences – both paid an...

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How to Create Meaningful Work for Life
A wonderful aspect of Teamability® is its
capacity to enable people, in all stages of their career, to better understand how
they contribute to a team. In this guest
post, we are very excited to feature one such experience by our long-time friend
and suppor...

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If you're here, you're in at least one of my tribes! Who's in the most??

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It's all about the team!

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A completely new way to think about how you hire people...

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And I love meeting people on the front lines, trying to make the workplace a better place to work!

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How trying to sell my daughter on being in sales backfired - but taught me a lot! (Thanks, Marni!)
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