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Helen Barnes
Repatriated expat, horse and child wrangler.....
Repatriated expat, horse and child wrangler.....

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Another excellent post from The Red Mare yesterday, who is the horse at the heart of The Happy Horse book . It's all about people wanting a quick fix for horses with "problems" and buying gadgets or calmers to try and make them easier to work with. "No calm...

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You can't do that, it's dangerous!
Yesterday we did something that is apparently very dangerous. We went for a hack and as soon as we got off the main road and started trotting, Sky started shaking her head up and down as usual. We have come to the conclusion that she doesn't like the feel o...

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Searching for calm
Today it has been raining, A lot. Almost biblically in fact. Making us wish for a return to last weekend's freezing cold but dry days.....but never mind, we thought, we now have an indoor school at the yard, we can do some work with the horses and stay dry!...

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A shiny new sand school!!
Sun came out today, went for a hack (I rode Sky!), then had a play in the new school that's just been built at our livery yard, such luxury!! Tari wasn't sure about the step up into the school at first but soon got the hang of it..... Ali's been riding her ...

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Skyfaxa or Shadowfax?
Continuing our little and often approach with Sky seems to be doing the trick. Ali has been doing a little bit of work with her a few times a week and we have now progressed to totally bridleless riding. We've done plenty just at walk to start with, and as ...

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How to have a Happy Horse
I have just finished reading a fabulous little book called  “The Happy Horse”. I really wish it were available as a print book rather than
the ebook which is the only format you can buy (at the moment) since there is
more than one person I know who would re...

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New bridle
Check it out, our friend Cécile has made a fantastic new sidepull for Gandalf, I love it! More of her work here:

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The girls get back to work.....
We've had a few months of not doing a lot with our horses, largely due to much running around helping people with horseback archery training and events (more on that here ). But recently we've picked things up again, so here are a few photos..... With Sky, ...

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Tari's progress
Oops, haven't posted for a while, we've been busy with boring things like exams and work. But now it's the summer holidays we've had a bit more time to get things done with the horses. The first part of the holidays was spent out in France, and we got a fai...

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Why do people get so angry?
Over the years, this blog has had some fairly extreme reactions - often from people in the real world getting offended by what I have to say. Usually because of posts questioning the "traditional" way of doing something. Someone once had a real go at me aft...
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