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Nick France
google+ user before it was cool.
google+ user before it was cool.

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At bdubs... come on out

Tuesday morning coming down. :( in the brighter side of things, I see an easy day ahead.

Its Monday, no work because of the holiday, and its rainin to boot. Sounds like a good day for some small group livin room party. Gonna hang with some good friends and get fucked up. Happy labor day!!

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Ok, so far im really liking google+ over facebook. I know, its a hard decision lol. But I have noticed its a lil buggy. The "nearby" thing from the mobile app never shows the same place twice from work and even says im halfway across town sometimes. But all in all, wtg google much better than facebook.

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I love the smell of thermal grease in the morning. Getting ready for work at premier pc. Bring me ur broken electeonics, cause who really wants to see a nerd with nothing CONSTRUCTIVE to do? Not me...
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