#ANE Package update v1.30

Another big update today! Finally we've released a Camera extension that you can actually use the camera on! You can access video frames, capture an image as BitmapData and simultaneously save it to the camera roll. 

Other notable updates include, addition of updating events in the calendar, TestFlight for Android, and access to a unique device ID. See the below for all the updates.


- Major update on #iOS including:
- reading video frames as BitmapData
- changing camera devices
- changing modes on the fly
- simultaneously capture an image to BitmapData and to the camera roll!
- set focus, exposure and white balance modes and points of interest
- Android still in development.

- Corrected default library implementation

- Corrected iAd hideAdvert function
- Ad is now hidden until an advert is loaded (as required by App Store guidelines)

- Added editEventWithUI to allow a user to edit an existing event
- Added updateEvent to allow you to change the details of an existing event

- Added new CircleOverlay functionality to add circular overlays with a given radius to the map
- Fixed a bug where markers without custom icons would not show up in some cases
- Fixed a bug when removing polygon and polylines

- ANDROID CRITICAL FIX: corrected the extension starting the application at apparently random times
- Added the startup event so you can determine if the application was started from a local notification, both on Android and iOS!!

- Added access to a uniqueId device property: ANDROID_ID on #Android and the identifierForVendor/advertisingIdentifier on #iOS

- Updated the #iOS version to use the latest version of the SDK (v2.0.0).
- Added an alpha version the #Android SDK (v1.0) with functional sessions, logging and checkpoints.

- Fixed bug when a failed transaction would block user input
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