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Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a fatal six-vehicle pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike on Saturday, hours after performing a standup routine at a show in Delaware.

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March schedule for the Ravenna Park (Seattle) Dahn Yoga Center.

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Sharing because I'm a big fan of PCC and all they do to protect our food supply, as well as being a valued customer.

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Big fan!  I first saw them in '79 at the SDSU outdoor amphitheater.  
There are untold legions of jam bands doing extended versions of jazz, rock, blues and even country, with each member taking an extended solo and each song lasting 20 minutes.  What's the opposite of that?  DEVO!  They play with such precision.  Look, any jackhead can noodle around on their instrument and make it eventually sound kinda interesting.  What's on the other side of that?  Playing the same songs precisely the same way every time, on purpose, and rocking your lame ass off!
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Agreed & well put.

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Interesting, but pop psychology. You can have just as much fun reading the DSM. Someone is always trying breakdown humane behavior in simplistic measures like this. Regardless, TRUTH I seek.

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It's official.  Elections now go to the one who can raise the most money.
Amend the Constitution to Abolish Corporate Personhood and Money as Free Speech
It gets worse.  When Google had their IPO in about 2004 or '05, I had won the lottery to be able to get in on it, but I declined because all my other investments were doing well at that time. 
The integration of G+ and Drive and Docs makes G+ a super facebook that does more than just social networking.  The only issue is that no one uses it. However, if you remember that is how gmail started. I was invited early in the release but turned it down, afterall I already had a couple email accounts. Why would I need gmail? :)  I guess we all found the answer many years later.  Samsung and Google is a match made in heaven. Great work all.

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SCOBY for barter!

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Icky and me at low tide on Decatur Island.

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Nailed it!
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Tracy Morgan critically hurt in fatal 6-car pile-up

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was critically injured in a fatal six-vehicle pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike on Saturday, hours after per

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Amend the Constitution to Abolish Corporate Personhood and Money as Free Speech

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Not really traditional yoga, but just as beneficial. It is a Korean adaptation, with Dahn meaning energy and so they do a lot of energy work focused on the Dahn-Jon or 2nd Chakra. I have been going for about a month and have already begun to notice less stress, weight loss, and greater mental focus. And the people there are very nice, too!
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