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Lotus Carroll
Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.
Photographer. Poet. Dreamer.


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i entrusted you
with all versions of myself;
precarious choice.

#nature #macro #refraction
#ibelieveinwords #haiku

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i: chasing nothing
here in this moment, the now
feeling everything

#poetry #haiku #nature

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The winner of our “Fly / Levitate” Challenge is Joan Roch!

His winning image, which received the most votes from our community moderators during winner selection, can be seen here.

Judges’ impressions:

A very original "four-pieced" self portrait where the strong, bright colors and design of the background contribute to the overall energy of the image - this one you can't overlook! ~ +Annie Weibull

I knew this was a winner from the first look. Super creative concept and a whimsical sense of surrealism instantly drew me in. After that I started looking at it from a technical standpoint and you nailed that part as well, as it is flawless in your execution... outstanding image! ~ +Mark Rodriguez

I love the idea, the concept and the originality of it all.... It is just an image that makes me laugh... And laughing is good. Plus the technical aspect is outstanding. ~ +Ricardo Williams

What I loved about this shot was the refreshing take on levitation. You gave me something I hadn’t seen before and it was funny too. ~ +Sam Breach

I couldn't look away from this when i first saw it... the shadows and the pose of the legs are really eye-catching, and agree that it's a different take on levitation and I LOVE it! ~+Stacy Vitallo

What I loved about this image was that it was very unexpected! I loved the playfulness of the split person, colors, processing. It all came to a very fun image. ~ +Joanna Koziara

This image is visual striking, technically interesting and wonderfully whimsical! I love it. ~ +Lotus Carroll

The combination of colour, movement and creative angle made this image immediately stand out to me. He took the idea of levitate further! ~ +Paul Bagley


Stay tuned for a featured artist spotlight on Joan where he will answer some questions about photography and self portraiture and share more of his work with us. <3

Great job to everyone who submitted - thanks for participating and sharing your art with us!

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#selfportrait #selfportraiture #challenge #photography #creative #winner #art #fly #levitate

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my constant companion,
sharing in this life's journey
my passions and his, entwined
both of us, better because of it.

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Want some #doubleexposure #selfportrait inspiration? Check out this gallery of 50 excellent examples that I curated on flickr!
~Lotus xo

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#SelfPortraitSunday this weekend!
Join us for #selfportraitsunday this coming weekend! If you'd like a prompt, our theme is "something is missing" - see you there. :)

📷: Helga Weber, (CC 2.0)

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Flowers are always more serious than they appear.
~Catherynne M. Valente

#selfportrait #freelensing #freelensed #freelensedselfportrait #reflection #quote #lips #moody #moodyportrait

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I trust only you and the dark always to look at me so honestly.
~Meredith Duran

#selfportrait #monochrome #quote

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•it had been awhile since she opened all the way up again•
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