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Frank Hannon
Singer-songwriter featuring storytelling songs in the tradition of American Folk and Country.
Singer-songwriter featuring storytelling songs in the tradition of American Folk and Country.

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Thank you to our men and women of the military for your sacrifice and service to our country.

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ATTN: Update Your FRANK HANNON iPhone APP now for the latest news and video for "GYPSY HIGHWAY"!!

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"The name of the album is GYPSY HIGHWAY, an acoustic collection of songs that are very close to my heart. Sort of like autobiographical stories that I wrote and recorded. The title track "Gypsy Highway" is my story of leaving on the road and flying out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I mention Willie Nelson in the song because it seems that "On The Road Again" always echos thru my head when I leave home.

GYPSY HIGHWAY is an album 100% real from my heart. I LOVE the art of recording music and I hope you enjoy this album of songs as much as I did making it.”

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Behind the Scenes footage of the making of "GYPSY HIGHWAY" coming soon!

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Video Premiere of "GYPSY HIGHWAY" Sunday 16th, at 12pm!

RedHawk Records proudly announces the world premiere video of the title track from album “GYPSY HIGHWAY” by Frank Hannon. Director / producer Chris Heinrich brilliantly captures the heart of a classic folk singer-songwriter.

GYPSY HIGHWAY is currently available on iTunes and is in consideration for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

To all the fans at Sturgis who were so cool to jump in front of the camera with me....the footage we shot of us all singing gypsy highway didn't fit right with the actual video filming we did for the song, SO it wont be in the actual song video..BUT we will put it up on the website and a "making of" version, so please be patient..that sturgis video footage will be out after the official video is released...thanks FH

RIP Steve Jobs....a true modern day Nikola Tesla..thanks Steve!

measure twice, cut once!

building walls

Working on NEW website! post some suggestions of what you want to see on it!
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