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Seyi Akinruntan
...come be radiant with us.
...come be radiant with us.

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Our Values:

No Hand-Holding:
One of the features of working with us which we find that most of our clients truly value and appreciate is that of our being able to do the work they commissioned us for, without them having to take so much time off their own duties of running the business which is what generates the funds with which we were commissioned.

We require next-to-no-supervision or, at most very little. Often, we get all our information and then present the client with a draft design or performance document which then makes it easier for the client to identify things they want kept and, those they want removed or, amended. We have found that to be such a significant time-saving approach, instead of discussing details endlessly in writing or, verbally in sessions after sessions of briefings.

Unrivalled Dedication:
It is rare to care more about a thing than someone who does it because it is the very point to his being, to do so. Passion is the very life essence of excellence. It cannot be substituted for or, synthesized. It cannot be faked. And, where it is real, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Proven and Acknowledged Proficiency:
We have included some of the acknowledgments by some of our clients regarding our performance. We excel at what we do simply it's what we love to do. We understand and relate with the subtler and, often unperceived inner workings of business operations in a way that no other firm is able to.

More Passion:
Put simply, because we do our craft for the love of it, we keep at it long after others have stopped or, feel that the work has been concluded. We do not mean to blow our trumpet or make you wary with regards to prompt delivery. We assure you that we do know how to balance the need for precision in our solutions to clients and, their need to have such solutions as at when due because of their operational timelines.

Our Services:

Logo Design
Design of business stationery such as:
Letterheads, envelopes, business and identity cards, invoices, receipts, vouchers, forms, company profiles, annual reports, proposals, Powerpoint presentations etc.
Flex Banners
Rollup Banners

Web Design
Online Marketing
3D Modelling


Call us today for a world of affordable business services guaranteed to help your business sell more!

0905 743 7659 or 0903 058 3348
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Contact 08089420302.
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Success is not the result of accidents. It is the inevitable result of definite knowledge, focus and relentless effort. Take the step today and key into the opportunity for unbelievable turnover and profits for your business.
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Guys, seriously I'm looking for partners to work with. There are a lot of opportunities we can leverage over here. Think about it. Your country's currency, with the exchange rate of the Naira now means, we can do a lot.

Lets make some money. I'm not telling you about get-rich-quick schemes. I'm talking about revenue generation models based on sound wealth-creation principles.

Mobile numbers: 0809 482 2253, 0905 743 7659

WhatsApp 0809 482 2253

IMO - 0809 482 2253
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Business Partnerships
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Rollup banner design for Pennek Nigeria Limited.
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