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Love this one!

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New Balance 1010 GBs. Great trail shoes. Wore them this weekend in the Croom 16 mile race. Light, super traction and held up well. Feet hurt the last couple miles but this was the first time I wore them and I'm not used to minimalist shoes. Shout out to +Fit2Run, University Park. Got them at the tent sale a couple weeks ago. $15!

How can I quickly replicate my facebook success on Google plus?

I have a Facebook page with 118,000 likes. I had over 4 million weekly organic reach, but Facebook decided my first $61 test ad buy with them two weeks ago deserved a 90% decrease in that reach. My followers are asking me why they aren't getting posts. I told them to get notifications, but it doesn't matter. Facebook artificially limits reach.

So, again my question is.... How can I quickly replicate my facebook success on Google plus?

*Hoping someone at Google is paying attention to this community because they already lost $1,000 in Adsense revenues in the past two weeks on my page alone...and the faster they get successful bloggers like me going, the faster they'll regain the income Facebook just ripped from them.

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Haha! Take that, squirrel! 😝
Have you ever seen a squirrel-proof bird feeder in action? Now you have! 

Check out +TwistedSifter for more :)

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Woohoo! Killed it at the Croom Fool's Run 16 mile trail race in Brooksville Florida yesterday! The race was held in the beautiful Withlacoochee Park. Earned a top 20 male finisher mug by clawing my way back to an 19th male and 31st overall finish (out of 113) after a slight "detour" 😝 that put me near the back of the pack. 😃

Hey folks, 

Hoping you can help me out. Does advertising on Facebook remove the "alert" that kills organic reach?

I have an organically grown Facebook page (/glutenfreeworks) with 116,800 followers. My "people following this" was over 200,000 and my weekly reach was 4 million...before I ran a week long test ad campaign. The day after the campaign ended, March 13, my post likes and reach dropped precipitously. I know what happened. I tripped some alert that designated my page as a business. I've lost over 90% reach...which is why I'm now on Google+. 

If my organic reach was reinstated, I'd spend money on Facebook, but I'm not interested in buying 200,000 impressions in a month for $1,500 like the facebook ad salesguy told me.  So, do any of you know if my organic reach - across the board - will be reinstated if I run an ongoing ad campaign - like $10-20/day? And what type of ads would I need to run?



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