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Over 3000 artists have registered for their chance to record with me & Young Fyre. Have you?
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not sure if mainstream is ready for me yet. next time thou!
PAW! PAW! PUM! PUM! T- Pain we waitn'
T Pain I'm one of Brazil's fans, their songs very nice
t-pain i wish i would team up with you me mark j-rrell well be a great group espicially with your pro voice
t-pain man im trying to make it big and I got the skills and mind set just need a little help getting over the hill cheek my music please and let my songs do the talking please please please take 5 minutes and check one song man
U tryna do a song together man?
I'll do it if you give me dance lessons because im a talented rapper
man this is me m. j-rrell im like a good singer just let me be in a song with you.
whatsup its your boy donpaleano tring to be the next thing smoking you can hit me up at facebook twitter contact[1850 272 2145]
hey bro find me my name is ricardo mendoza the real ricardo mendoza
Make me Mr. 3000 n 1 i want the chance ! I Have
Well, me see every1 is a singer roun ia.. All de bes ah me wishes 2 yah..
hahahahahaha thats good for u am yet to also regester
I have a cousin who woyld love to team up with ya.....
His name josh.. josh bradley ... (space_man)
He records at his crib like all the time..
He bad. Just for the record. He be playing all kinds of instruments an be making his own beats..
An rapping ... should look him up on fb. Some of his beats an work is on his page....
by the way ur amazing..... much love to send ur way.
Hello My Friends
Thank you for your message
Let's me know "Green World" business in your country
Can you tell me the Green World business in your country
thank you
Sorachon Thonprawat
Pain, this is a wonderful idea. I love it.
t pain i want to sing with u
What T-Pain Its good to see that you still maintaining that feel good music!my Name is James wooten aka.Jwoo Im And Independent Artist That is Following you  Here ,also face Book ,So I Come Across this Ad and see that you Have your door open to Make a track with an Independent Artist Right?So I said self this could Be A great gig to make a song with you !So Here I Am .If You would Boss Man Send me Info to come out to meet you and Ill do my Part Alright T-Pain .My email add is send the track and Ill start working or ill send you a Track and we can Go From There ok Be Blessed.JWoo.
Your a great artist I think it would be a honor to record with u ...ur very Inspiring 
Hi Guys I See Your wanting to work with New Talent ! Im Jwoo A Independent artist thats making music from scrap and would like work with you guys so please feel free to contact me at 770 549 0211 Thanks.
nice i love T- Pain good job bro love it all the way man 
Don't text me in my phone because my sister have my phone tell I will have my phone back I will text guys back my friends 
I like all yr songs and yr voice I like to hear from u my number is 0246465798
Make everything move on time we your back is black
Superstar please i need your help to shine my talent to the world. I know you gonna help me. Am in Ghana and am called Oliver aka JayslipYR the YR means Youngest Rapper.
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