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Looking for an RPG that's similar or could be made similar to 5e without the big price tag per book. It doesn't have to be free just not $30-$50 per book. I know it kind of flies in the face of OSR, but I like the more balanced heavy hitting of each class as well as advantage and disadvantage. Does this make sense or am I crazy?

I feel like I'm committing a sin by asking this, but I'm wanting to do something a little strange. I like how light S&W Complete is and honestly I just love the system, but I also like detail of a few angles of 3.5/Pathfinder. I'm wanting to know how much of a nightmare I'm going to create for myself if I try to fit S&W and Pathfinder/3.5 together. What I'm hoping for is to keep S&W mostly the same, maybe use Pathfinder's HD/HP for creating S&W characters and dropping in Pathfinder spells + monsters without changing them. How crazy does this sound? If it's insane to you does it still seem doable?

I'm thinking pretty hard about selling my extensive RPG collection. I like to include my family and friends in my nerdy interests and the interest just isn't in RPGs for them. I have a ton of PDFs on drivethrurpg, but what I'm getting to is this, what is the most expansive OSR RPG out there? I prefer something that I can buy (or is free) in PDF and print at home. DCC is not for me. I want to keep the hobby, but empty my shelf and refill my bank account.

Am I allowed to sell physical Pokémon items in this community? I want to ask because I don't see any rules pinned.

I've had the Pathfinder Core Rulebook sitting on gaming shelf for a few years and the Beginner Box for about a year. The other idea I picked up Ultimate Equipment, Strategy Guide, GameMastery Guide, Ultimate Magic, Mythic Adventures, and Inner Sea Races for $10 each new at a comic book store the other day. I also picked up a copy of Rise of the Runelords on Alibris the other day.

My wife and niece are wanting to play so I'm going to run them through Beginner Box and then...what?

Where do I go from there?

Is it easy to transition into Runelords from the Box?

Is all of this easily doable with 2 players?

I've ran 2e, 1e, S&W (Complete & WhiteBox), and played 3.5. The OSR stuff was very easy to run with fewer players. The 3.5 game had 6 players so I have no idea how it would have ran with 2 players.

I'm dusting off my 4e collection for a group and am realizing that the 4e insider tools are not available for new subscribers. Since WotC isn't interested in my money does anyone have alternatives for the character and monster builders?

Does anyone have or know where to find a screen for White Box?

I'm looking for a quick adventure that I can use to run a group of kids through in a single session. The ages range from 11 to 16. It doesn't have to be an OSR module. However, I am using S&W Whitebox to run it. Any recommendations?

I've always created my own adventures and never cared much for in depth worlds, but I've been looking at my collection and noticed I have a ton of FR stuff and want to see my players explore a world with a rich history. The major question is where do I start? It will be a very small party of 1st level adventurers. A lot of the time it will probably just be one or two players. Where in FR can we start that's very new player friendly? It would be nice to just give them pieces of the lore as they adventure.

Does anyone know where I could find some ninja turtles minis that someone made a few years ago? I remember seeing them separate and in a diorama that I believe was a sewer if that helps any. They weren't the old Dark Horse minis.
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