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Reminds me of a story I heard in my first year of engineering school:

Two male students are placed at one end of a room.   One is an engineering student and the other a science student.  Their respective girl friends are placed at the other end of the room.  A question is posed to the prospective scientist and the prospective engineer.  If each step you take covers half the distance to your girl friend, how many steps will it take for you to reach her.

The science student thought about it for a minute and then was crestfallen.  “I’ll never reach her.”  He says.

The engineering student thought about it, made a couple quick calculations in his head and then responded:  “About six steps, for all practical purposes.”

 That's the difference between a scientist (I include mathematicians here) and engineers (I include myself here).
1, 2, Buckle my Shoe
1, 2, Buckle my Shoe
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