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Similar to last post I know but still slightly different. Say you want to use a few modules and one page dungeons and want to put them in Middarmark. What do you feel the crucial things would be to get the feel that it is in Middarmark now?

I know it is a bit vague and might be depends on the module but would love to play in the world just don't think i have much time to really put a lot of time into dungeon creation.

Looking for players for a west marches like hexploration game using a world I've created but players still get to add stuff to it. Will be more casual so not weekly will be when people can get together. Evenings GMT.

This might of been asked before but: Has anyone thought of some different end questions especially for a west marches type hexploration game?

Also tips on how to get players contributing in an already established world?

What does a campaign in Torchbearer look like? Is it just exploring a dungeon and then exploring the next one?

There are no stories in rpgs but there are arcs that seem to come about naturally in a lot of rpgs I played. But because Torchbearer is so focused on treasure and dungeons it seems very episodic in my mind.

So yeah how do you tell more continuous arcs in this game? Am I thinking it is more different then it actually is?

Anyone who has done the Burning Thac0 thing, do you have modules you recommend to take some inspiration especially with strong situations in them?

Some thoughts about first session from last night game and others done before:

I actually think having a strong belief abou the aituation without a goal is better then having to goal as well.

Goals can be very divergent and find myself playing 4 scenes individually. Alao i don't know why but players don't persue these goals as well, i think last night it was especially because we didn't know what was allowed in this world yet an what the paramater were so players were hesitant to commit.

So i actually think players should make bekiefs and then the gm tries to get the players together in that and then goals probably can b made in second session.

What are peoples thoughts?

So I have been listening to His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman and reading the rules on Fylgjas and obviously putting them together I think it would be cool if the Fylgjas acted like Deamons from thos books.

But I realize i don't want to take away the power of the spell clerics/wizards learn to unlock their full power. So any thoughts on how this would work. What minor benefit could Fylgjas give without beeaking th game?

Long shot but Anyone near London area interested in a Face to Face game?

So reading the Wilderness Travel rules got me thinking, something it said made me a little disappointed(Paraphrasing)

"These rules are not for trying to find a dungeon in a swamp, its more for general travel"

So my Question is: How would you run the "Finding the Dungeon in the Swamp" in the Adventure Phase?

So I have started a campaign with a group and I really like the situation we have about Pirates going to an Island to try and set up a Free City but the native Elves and the Empire may have something to say about that.

As ever with these things the problem comes at scheduling and how many times we get to play. Its every other week and it does seem to be the case that not everyone can come all the time. Having 3 one session and 2 the next.

So my question is how could I make this game a little bit more episodic? A little bit more satisfying on the session to session play, make sure that each session is satisfying? I mean I know this might take away a little bit of character growth/Moldbreaking but I don't know.

Also so people know where we are at, we haven't gotten anywhere close to actually even setting up the city.
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