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Nicole Lockhart
Catholic wife and mother of four stumbling through life and finding the JOY in the mundane.
Catholic wife and mother of four stumbling through life and finding the JOY in the mundane.


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Something to Celebrate
Last week was an awesome week for the Lockhart Clan.  On Tuesday Becket kicked off birthday season by turning two! He was anything but cooperative for this pictures...or anything else for that matter.  We had some cake and frozen pizzas.  BOOM, he's two!  H...

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Becket Roger Lockhart: The Birth
For some reason I love to write out my children's birth stories years later.  If we have anymore I will try do it while I'm in the hospital or something.  Then again, I may not.  I am full of the best intentions and lack follow through. For those of you rea...

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Little of this, little of that
Hello interwebs!  I hope that you have had a great summer.  Things around here have been changing, but mostly staying the same.  A quick update and some pictures it is! Chris is wrapping up flight school this month.  He's flying the Blackhawk, and we have v...

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Homeschooling on The Brain
Two months since my last post...WHAT!?! Every time I hit publish I fully intend to return within a week. Sorry! Not much has been going on though.  We are waiting on Chris to be given and aircraft and placed in a course for the final part of flight school. ...

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Lent in the Year of Mercy with Friends
Lent has begun. I feel more prepared than I have ever felt before because of the community and friendships that I have found over the last few months.  Thank you technology.  It is because of YOU that I feel ready this Lent. I'm so inspired by other peopl...

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Gettin' Our Learin' On
Since coming home from our travels to North Carolina, we have stayed put.  We haven't wasted our days traveling around town on an empty mission just for something to do.  During the week other than Amelia's dance classes we have (mostly) remained at home.  ...

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Word of The Year: 2016
We are still feeling the renewal that the calendar provides each January, and I have chosen a new word for 2016.   In 2014, I choose a word of the year .  It has been the only time I have ever chosen a word, but in retrospect, I think 2014's word really nee...

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First post of 2016
It has been nearly a month since my last post.  Over the last few days I have reading old post, when I was posting kind of regularly...2014ish.  It was so much fun!!!  I miss it.  I miss documenting our lives.  My kids are saying some really funny thing  I ...

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Joy, what a beautiful state that so few us achieve. I love how the Church teaches us to develop joy even amidst penance. During Lent and Advent, we find a week dedicated to Joy. It seems odd to have such vibrant emotion present during a time of…
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