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Stuart MacDonald
CMO, former CMO, founder, co-founder mesh conference, Torontonian, Dad
CMO, former CMO, founder, co-founder mesh conference, Torontonian, Dad

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Hey Google+ ! How've you been since...December??

First time back on Google+ in maybe 6 weeks?

So I haven't been on here in 2 weeks. Hmmm...

At Pearson/YYZ heading down to Washington DC for a great day of meetings and a fun dinner with some FreshBooks customers. Fun :-) 

I'm on the edge...of glory...

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Plain black t-shirt. Burberry name on it. $165. Uhhh...

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Go Calgary!
The City of Calgary radically redesigns its web presence, clearing out their landing page and offering a new experience centred around internal search of their documents and data bases.

"In the age of Google, most government sites still work like Yahoo did a decade ago ... The solution that Calgary adopted may be most remarkable as an act of institutional humility. Governments are big, complicated machines, and their instinct will always be to make a show of all the things they do. But Calgary’s site advertises nothing except its interest in what the citizen is looking for. Usefulness is the best municipal service of all."

I find myself coming in to Google+ a lot less than when it first started. You?

It's been 2 years since we lost my Dad. RIP "Grampy Joe..."

So who's this Steve Jobs guy?
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