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Looks like Paul Walker’s brother will take over his role in the upcoming film, Fast and Furious 7!

Can someone else play the role of Brian O Conner? Get the exclusive story here:
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I was thinking Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds can take over the role. 
Please just leave the series as is. The last movie tied up all the ends. Just be done with it. I know dom shows up in Tokyo but just leave it be.
The kid from ff4 wasnt too bad and maybe he joins doms crew as his replacement too? They did meet right at the end of ff4 so maybe theres a possibility there..
Yes I agree no Justin Bieber at least one of the family members is taking over his part!
Sounds like the same choice they made finishing Queen of the Damned after Aaliya's passing. Her brother recorded several of her lines to be used in the film. 
+Brett Pugh I agree time to leave the fast & furious series alone, Paul Walker aka Brian O'Connor his legacy well never be replaced as the fast & furious hero. :)
No Paul Walkers brother is taking over his part and that's final.......
They have already announced ff7 cancelled and going to close the ff franchise 
sorry mate but that's the end. And  its for the best you cant replace  Paul Walker aKa Brian o'Conner.R.I.P 
thats a lie paul walker will be in the 7th movie there rewriting the movie useing his clips to try to send him off the release date is 8/10
I thought they will kill him off in the Movie
Like 2 Deaths in 1 Movie Epic Of-course
They Go To Hans Funeral Then Fight with the Bad Guys
Brain Die's and His Brother Comes / Real Brother For Revenge And Dom Helps Him

I thought the story will go like that 
If they're doing this, then they should kill off his character. I hate to say it, but if you remember at the end of Tokyo Drift, it was only Dom(Vin Diesel) in the car, so it would follow the movie chain of events.
+1 what Saj D said, bring in Lucas Black after they finish this one with Cody as double for Paul, dearly missed, though it means having to kill of the character of Brian O'Connor....sad!
I like the idea,use Pauls footage , end his character and have his brother team up with the crew for revenge( nobody else should play Brian O. ! ) and couldn't play him as well as paul did.
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