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Who is king of the web browsers? It's Chrome. With over 42% market share.

Web users spend 2.6 seconds scanning a website before focusing on a particular section. #webusability

Excited about the iPhone 6 and watch? We have mixed feelings. What do you think!?!

Are you a local company, with a brick and mortar shop? Than you can benefit from "Local Search". Ask us how. 850-366-8392.

Leads generated through SEO close at around 14.6 percent! Leads from other channels close at an average of 1.7 percent.

Want to print from your Android phone? Just by a printer with Cloud Print, then follow the instructions.

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We're incorporated! Welch Family Industries, Inc. DBA Same great service, bunch of legal blah blah changed.

Research shows that 74 percent of adult smartphone owners use their mobile devices to get directions or other information, like business reviews, based on their current locations. Is your business listed?

70% of today's businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records due to fire or flood.

Getting some new glasses today #nerdexcitement
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