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Kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which +1's my self-importance.
Kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which +1's my self-importance.


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On this episode of the UnPodcast, we talked about the whole new world of digital boundaries, and how we’re happy that social media wasn’t around when we were growing up.

We also discussed how brands should handle both negative and positive feedback on media, and what you should do before you send that tweet (or email) that you may regret.
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UnPodcast Ep #40: Why Going Viral Shouldn't Be Your Goal.

On this episode of the UnPodcast, we discussed the inappropriateness of people publicly putting people’s appearance down on social media, and why it’s never a good idea to do so.

We also discussed the obsession that people have with having their content go viral, and why going viral doesn’t really matter and shouldn’t be your goal.
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Hot off the press! Jackass Whisperer posters for you to hang in your office or cubicle. As a reminder for you, when dealing with that "extra special" customer/coworker/relative/troll. Also handy to point at when your coworker walks in with office gossip. Available only during the UnSelling book promo! 
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Worst corporate Venn diagram. Ever. 

Via Reddit user George_E_Hale
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To (Un)Promote the upcoming release of our fourth book, UnSelling the UnReal +Chris Farias  at +KITESTRING  has designed yet another great poster that we're giving to early buyers.
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Here are our top 40 documentaries out of the 200+ that we've watched in the past few years. Not in any order. Trailers attached. Are they on Netflix? I don't know, search it yourself, lazy. We bought all of these, since we watch them on flights. Feel free to suggest others!

1. Magic Camp – It’s what it sounds like, a magic camp. Great stories of a handful of kids within the camp and what it means to them. Really compelling. MAGIC CAMP | Official Trailer [HD] | Award-Winning Documentary Film
2. The Pixar Story – Awesome behind the scenes of how they came to be, the pressures and back stories before each movie came out. The Pixar Story Trailer
3. Terms And Conditions May Apply – Discusses what we agree to when we accept the terms and conditions on sites, including Facebook, iTunes etc… and the impact. Much more exciting than it sounds. Terms and Conditions May Apply Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Documentary Movie HD
4. Kung Fu Elliot – Bills himself as Canada’s Jackie Chan, it’s a story of a guy that makes b-movies, kung fu movies that are terrible and he thinks are great. Funny and sad at the same time, with a crazy twist at the end. Kung fu Elliot official trailer
5. Bottled Up – Story of the Dr Pepper bottler in Dublin, Texas, the last one that used real sugar cane in the ingredients and of corporate Dr Pepper trying to shut them down. Bottled Up - Official Trailer
6. Black & White and Dead All Over – About the decline of the investigative journalism in the newspaper world. Black & White and Dead All Over - Trailer
7. Artifact – The story of 30 Seconds To Mars album, which turned into the story of them suing their record label. Turned me into a fan of the band and that Jared Leto dude. Artifact - Official Trailer
8. We Cause Scenes – The tale of “Improv Everywhere” the Improv group that created the no-pants subway ride, and the best flash mobs online. Official Trailer: We Cause Scenes - Buy the Film Today
9. I know That Voice – A look into the voice industry. Fascinating. I KNOW THAT VOICE Trailer v1
10. A Band Called Death – Incredible look into the real first punk band out there, Death, and they were black. A Band Called Death Official Trailer 1 (2013) - Documentary HD
11. Sister Helen – About a tough nun in NY who runs a rehab house. Sister Helen - Trailer
12. The September Issue – About Anna Wintour, the Editor of Vogue magazine. The movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is based on her. "The September Issue" - Official Trailer [HQ HD]
13. Download – The story of Napster. Enough said. Downloaded - Official Napster Documentary Trailer [HD] Shawn Fanning
14. Don’t Stop Believing – The story of how Journey found their new lead singer, because of YouTube. Epic. Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Documentary Movie HD
15. Somm – Following budding wine sommeliers as they train for their Masters test, only a few in the world have it. Mind blowing. Somm - Official Trailer (HD) Documentary
16. Pageant – About a drag queen pageant. So compelling. Pageant - trailer
17. Senna – The story of the amazing race car driver and his death. Couldn’t stop watching. Senna (2011) Trailer - No Fear No Limits No Equal - Formula 1 Documentary HD
18. Internet's Own Boy - THe inspiring and tragic story of Aaron Swartz, who is told to be one of the founders of Reddit, but so much more. About our freedom and the fight for it. The Internet's Own Boy - Official Trailer
19. Sound City – About the epic recording studio that was going to be shut down, that recorded epic albums like Nirvana’s Nevermind. Dave Grohl is epic in this. Sound City Official Trailer
20. Tilt – The Story of the rise and fall of Pinball machines. TILT The Battle to Save Pinball - Official Trailer
21. Kumare – Guy pretends to be a spiritual leader from India and fools a bunch of people to teach them a lesson. Kumare Official Trailer #1 (2012) - HD Movie
22. Searching For Sugar Man – Musician got huge in South Africa after his death. Not dead. No idea he was huge. They track him down. That's the sound of your head exploding just now. Searching For Sugar Man Official HD trailer
23. Marley – Story of Bob Marley. Really well done. Marley Trailer Official 2012 [HD]
24. Mansome – Dude. Man grooming. Wicked. Mansome Trailer
25. Good Hair – Chris Rock looks into the fake hair business. Funny and incredible. Good Hair ft. Chris Rock- HD Official Trailer
26. Jiro Dreams Of Sushi – The story of dedication to a craft and the best sushi place in the world. In a subway station. Yes. Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Trailer
27. Rush – One of the best band documentaries out there. If you don’t like Rush, go sit on a pole. RUSH : Beyond Lighted Stage Theatrical Trailer
28. Winnebago Man – Tracking down the famous “Winnebago Man” of the outtakes video that went around for a decade of a guy losing his mind filming an RV commercial. Incredible. Winnebago Man - Trailer (Safe For Work) [HD]
29. Wisdom – Brilliant thoughts from brilliant people. From the book photography series of the same name. Wisdom Trailer
30. Music – Same as above, except for music. All incredible musicians opening up with only a white back drop behind them. Watch them both. Fiona Apple's at Andrew Zuckerman's Music Trailer
31. Lemmy – The story of the main man of Motorhead. Wicked and eye-opening. He’s the original bad-ass. Official Lemmy Movie Teaser
32. Candyman: The David Klein Story – The tale of the man that invented Jelly Belly jellybeans. And the problems that came. Candyman - Trailer 
33. Religulous – Bill Maher takes on religion. Religulous (Trailer)
34. Foo Fighters: Back and Forth – Up there with the Rush one for the best music documentary out there. Foo Fighters: Back And Forth - Trailer HD
35. A League Of Ordinary Gentlemen – About the professional bowling league and how it was rescued and fights to stay alive. Yes, it’s epic. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2004 HD Trailer
36. King Of Kong – About the fight for the top Donkey Kong score in the world. One of my faves. " king of kong " - official trailer - 2007.
37. The Bill Cunningham Story – The fashion/society photographer for the New York Times. So good. Such a great man and story. Bill Cunningham New York Trailer
38. Carts Of Darkness – About homeless people who race shopping carts down a hill in British Columbia. But so much more than that. Carts of Darkness unreleased 3 minute trailer
39. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work - The story of Joan Rivers. Hated her before watching this, love her now. Joan Rivers : A Piece of Work - Official Trailer
40. The Queen of Versailles - The story of the couple building the biggest house in America, then the economy tanked. (Owners of Westgate timeshare company, Jackie and David Siegal) The Queen of Versailles Official Trailer [HD]: Riches to Rags With Jackie & David Siegel
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It's what keeps me up at night. QR Codes in emails and on websites... from the +Whataburger Conference.
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The best part of +Jason SurfrApp new book wasn't even the book! My video on what it was. Grab a copy here
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