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I dig tech.
I dig tech.

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Google Cardboard VR
There's a lot going on in the world of Virtual Reality and Google want's to be one of the players. This fall they'll be releasing DayDream , a VR developer platform for Android and iOS.  Today, their VR product is Cardboard, a VR 'headset' that you can use ...

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Painting with light: Google Tilt Brush
There is some cools stuff going on in virtual reality. And one of the potential applications is art/design.  Sculptors have used physical media for thousands of years to create 3D objects.  Now Google has Tilt Brush -- it can provide artists with a 3D canva...

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Lessons from Dev/Ops
I've really been enjoying the Dev/Ops role I started around the first of the year. I'm on a great team, we have interesting projects, I'm learning a lot and enjoying riding the edge of chaos. I thought I'd share my top dozen or so early lessons, in no parti...

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Control your water heater from your gas grill...
One interesting thing about internet of things things is that things can talk to other things. I just saw an announcement from Wemo and Nest that talks about how you can use your Nest thermostat to control your lights. For example, when Nest detects that no...

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Not losing your Apple Pencil
Finally, I'm able to use a stylus with an iPad - it's the Apple Pencil and it works great. I had tried a number of active and passive stylii on previous iPads, but kept going back to paper - until now: I've almost weaned myself completely from pen and paper...

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Amazon AWS IoT Button announced and sold out...
About a year ago, I wrote about Amazon Dash - it's the dedicated "button" that orders products when you press it. ( ) It's really kind of cool for things like laundry detergent,...

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New Pi in town
They just keep rolling them out.  Today Raspberry Pi announced a new model: Pi 3 Model B. It's a 1.2 GHz, 64-bit quad-core that yields a 50% performance increase over Pi 2. They've stuck with their $35 price point even though the new version has built-in Wi...

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Open source tools
One of the things I like about open source applications is that the successful ones all talk to each other. And, the ones that talk together tend to be successful... This weekend I brought up a new Amazon server on my "free" account. I still haven't made an...

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Amazon S3 - it just works.
Yesterday I spent some time exploring Amazon S3 ("Simple Storage Service".)  I'm surprised how many of my IT friends don't know much about Amazon AWS servicees, so I thought I'd write a little about the ones I've played with. S3 is an object storage service...

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Heavy light processing
One of the problems with electronics is energy cost. While battery technology has come a long way in recent years, power consumption of electronics is still a major concern.  Researchers at the University of Colorado have demonstrated a photonics based appr...
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