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Robert Moses
Martin H. Krieger: I am a professor of planning at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California.
Martin H. Krieger: I am a professor of planning at the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California.

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Printing our Digital Images, Scanned Negatives, and the Limits of the Digital.
I print out some of my digital or digitized color images using a color xerox machine. They look ok, until you get close up and realize that what you will see are the dot patterns of the screen. If I printed them out on a inkjet printer (or even at Walgreens...

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Tragedy and Being "Research Productive."
When tragedy strikes, what is most important is to care for yourself, and if nearby others can care a bit for you, ask.  A friend described her situation:  I am living my life post-mortem, and that I'm supposed to fit in the clothes and shoes, eat the food,...

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Rereading Some of My Earlier Books
I have no idea if this will be of wider interest, but I am recording what I have just experienced. I have been thinking about  What next?  in my work. Usually, I do not reread my books once they come out, unless for another edition or some such reason. In a...

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Having a Sense of What You are Up To
It is useful to write yourself a paragraph or two about what you are up to. You are doing some sort of research, or preparing to do such research. But that research lives in a larger environment of others' research and the policy realm. If you can see what ...

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Academic Roadkill. Who will bear a next generation...Parents as Professors
If you go to  you will he Martin Krieger, University of Southern California – Academic Roadkill by  David Hopper    12/2/2016 | 12:01   0 Posted in  Education Martin Krieger No one wants to...

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Don't be a Klutz, Boor, or ...
I am told stories of administrators (deans, provosts, even presidents) who sacrifice their authority when they talk to colleagues. 1. You may not want to give your colleague a raise, but it does you no good to systematically diminish their achievements in f...

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Contributions to Scholarship, Visibility, Salience, Citations. . .
You want your works to be seen by others, to be used in furthering their work, and take up space in the scholarly realm. You don't want just "another publication." You want your work to be seen and published in a journal of some repute. [I get all these ema...

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Making Your Papers Credible. Your Need for an Advisor or Protector. The Kindness of Strangers.
Recently, a physician-researcher I know  asked me to read over a paper, since it had trouble with the journals. The problems I found are exemplary, and worthy of note and avoiding: 1. Make your claim credible. If you have weak numbers and statistics, but ha...

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Contribution, Numbers, Statistics. Note the Trigger Warning at the end.
all know what I am saying below...  I am not at all saying that we abandon citation numbers,
etc. I've just seen too many manipulations, gaming the system, misleading
claims, so that in the end I only ask: what is the contribution?, what is the

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Contributions to Scholarship: Books, Deep and Rich Articles, Projects
Recently I received a request for information on publications from Planetizen. We were expected to count publications. What was striking to me was that books  and  edited volumes were in one category. Scholarly strength is rarely indicated by an edited volu...
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