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I have a bunch of playlists in iTunes that are based on multiple criteria including genre, year and rating. What I'm seeing is that if I listen to a song and decide to give it a lower rating, I would like that song removed from the playlist upon the next sync. It is not doing this now even if I check the "remove songs not on this playlist" option during they sync.

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I have a new request. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S3. When I pull the dropdown, I'm presented with screenshot #1. When I click on the song, I'm taken to screenshot #2 (the playlist). I would rather it take me to the song (screenshot #3).
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Hey Chris, Mitchell here. We've been emailing regarding item #43164 & a new one I brought up about no longer having the "skip to next song" feature on the phone lock/unlock screen. I just signed up to be a tester here and updated the app via my phone.

After crankin' up the app, I still don't see the forward or back icons on the lock screen.
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