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Donna Willis Brown
A happy upbeat woman enjoying a love affair with words, music, genealogy and family history.
A happy upbeat woman enjoying a love affair with words, music, genealogy and family history.

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I have often wished for several of your suggestions in my database program. Duration of an event would certainly be helpful, as would the ability to see everyone connected to a specific event.

None of my currently known direct line has Kentucky roots; however, some of my earliest ancestors' siblings headed west just after we became a nation or the beginning of the 19th century and either landed in or spent time in Kentucky - and they were from divergent lines (Willis, Keithley, Blakeney, Collins, Foster/Snell and Little). So far, I've not done much research in Kentucky other than record digitally available census, land or probate information but I suspect research on the Willis and Keithley Kentucky roots would net clues to identify as yet unknown progenitors. Thanks for inviting me.

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Since most of my circles on Google+ are of the genealogy type, I thought I would post a link to the blog I did today, which illustrates the importance of analyzing the data you assemble rather than just plugging in names on the family tree - "Why Analyze Data?"

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I didn't blog very much in 2011 but due to Olive Tree Genealogy's blogging prompt for today, I'm beginning 2012 with a blog - Sharing Memories 2012 - My First Memory.

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It's been awhile [please note understatement] since I've done a post to my 'Notes From the Journey' blog. Kay and I were talking yesterday about a talk I gave on 'The Power of Words.' I decided to add it to my blog:

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I did the Sunday morning version of Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun because I was already having genealogy fun on Saturday researching family in South Carolina. You can see my blog with both pie and bar charts at

I'm setting up Google+ at the invitation of my daughter.

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