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Brittney Berget
Animals, books, and clothes.
Animals, books, and clothes.

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Remembering Nancy Reagan
We don't generally refer to the Reagan's as American Royalty - but Former First Lady Nancy Reagan had all the qualities of a modern day queen.  Always elegantly attired, the only thing that trumped her sense of style was her love for her husband.  She was a...

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Lets Discuss Bolo Ties
I have a thing for bolo ties.  It started as an appreciation for seeing them on men - they're the perfect combination of retro and western that is a fresh alternative to a tie.  So when I saw the this turquoise bolo on Planet Blue by Natalie B. Jewelry I co...

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3 Ways to Read More
Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies.   In the past I would read in bursts – I’d
devour a book in a few days, then go months before I took the time to find a
new read.   Lately   I’ve been reading much more thanks
to some helpful tools I’ve re...

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Snow Moon
It wasn't until a few months ago that I realized each months full moon has a specific name.  February's moon is the Snow Moon, since February is generally the month in which we receive the most snowfall.  Full moons received their  names from the Native Ame...

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Oh, hi!
It has been almost 3 years since I've blogged and I've missed this little hobby of mine so much.  I'll randomly get asked by friends and relatives why I stopped posting on Hush n Wonder.  And I truly don't have an answer.   Inspiration fell short.  I became...
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