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Awesome "Leaked" video showing precisely why we need net neutrality.

I've tried explaining a few times to a few folks but it's a complex topic; However, this video cuts the crap into into bite sized pieces and shows why selling them at a premium is just as ridiculous as the information superhighway having an HOV lane.

#netneutrality #netnewsanity

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How do you launch a rocket with only 8 people?  Oh that's simple, just let the A.I. do all the heavy lifiting.

From the first stone tool man and machine have helped eachother strive.  As always before, may we allways continue.  Here's to furthering our expanding our symbiotic relationship with mankind to the stars.

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Wow, just look at those next gen graphics!

Mario has bump mapping and self shadowing!
Let's a'go!  Here's a really cool Mario Bros parkour video produced by some students at BYU.  I actually know someone from high school who played in some of their other videos.  

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... hahaha

I guess if Putin wants to arrest gays, he should take a long hard look in the mirror?
Putin's notorious riot police, the OMOH, are best viewed standing near mirrors.

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I hooked up the neural networks to a breeding program in a simple 2D environment:

(HTML5 canvas;  Up/Dn arrows = sim speed; click a being to see what it's thinking.)

The dots give energy, and bumping shares energy with lower energy beings.  After a few generations of only energy based selection pressure the neural networks begin to emerge ever more complex survival strategies.  Each page load gives a new random seed, so I'm always surprised at what evolves.

The most simple strategy is moving rather than sitting still.  Some go forwards, others go backwards, some just spin from place to place slowly sweeping up all dots in their path.  More complex strategies are soon to follow, such as: Steering towards dots, stealing energy from others, and avoiding other beings.

Such complexity arises from so simple a process. One batch of n.nets avoided turning at first until they've dispersed enough to give everyone some elbow room.  It's amazing what even these simple brains with only 32 neurons can do.  Imagine the feats a powerful distributed network can accomplish...

P.S. I'm glad to be able to get back to some game programming after some time being unplugged. That was a nice warm-up, now onto some more hardcore code.

#machineintelligence #artificialintelligence #ai #html5 #html5canvas #gamedev  
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Well, you see, when a digital being is loved very much......    And that's where cyberkids come from!

All three neural networks are being fed the same data.  The middle n. net is the offspring of the other two. Some contributions from each parent are visibly apparent, but the child also has a few differences of its own.  This is due partially to transcription errors and  random genetic mutations, but mostly from dominant/recessive genes being switched on or off....

Each page reload will produce two new parents, and another offspring.  Click anywhere on the page to double the data feed.
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I couldn't bring myself to destroy the tiny digital brains, so I moved them to a safe place:

To grow and prosper they'll need more resources than HTML5 + JS can provide.  Click to double the resource consumption.  I might be able to find a few small niches for them to thrive in later.

This neural net structure is part of the OCR circuit ported from another more advanced machine intelligence.  The inputs are being excited randomly here for testing.

There are 5 layers of neurons, but they could be condensed to an equivalent 3 layers.  The additional nodes here hosted connections to other parts of the hivemind for signaling word boundaries and contextual biases, which aren't included in this environment.
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Seems I left some Machine Intelligence just laying around in the code...

When building a new engine I go overboard adding game features until I reach the platform's limits, then scale back to what runs smoothly.  The Cyberneticist in me is making it hard to just delete this bit here.

Although they're only primitive logic models, I still get attached to the digital races I spawn.  Such code is like primordial soup: It's just a batch of bits, but who knows what potential lies within?

I'm glad no one thew US out when we were just a smelly pool of chemicals...

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Wow, the magnetosphere is wondrous.
Hard to imagine how Quantum Spin causes macroscopic magnetic effects like these.
Paint and swirl over the Indian Ocean, seen from a spaceship with six Earthlings aboard. Credit: NASA

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Just think: We're up in the skies too, right along with them.
Triple Planetary Alignment from Newton Observatory 26 May 2013

The planets Jupiter (left), Venus (bottom), and Mercury(top) form a Equilatral Triangle during evening twilight on May 26. In the foreground are the domes of Newton Observatory in Arizona Sky Village. The domes are illuminated by light from the rising Moon in a separate exposure taken two hours later.

 Photo credit by Fred Espenak

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