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Rich has that rare gift of being about to explain complicated subjects in everyday language.  He is absolutely reliable and returns calls and emails promptly.  Rich is a close personal friend of mine and a genuinely good person.
Bankruptcy Attorney, Name Withheld by Request; Chicago, Illinois
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Rich has the rare quality of explaining complex issues in language I could understand.  He knows the law very well, since he works with financial and bankruptcy problems every day.  And where many business people intend to follow up, most don’t.  Rich is that rare exception.  That’s how I knew he would handle my case to the letter.  He knows exactly what he is doing and that’s why he is a highly successful bankruptcy lawyer. I refer anyone with financial problems to Rich, even if they might not need a bankruptcy.
Lora Boffa; Bloomingdale, Illinois
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I’ve known Rich for a long time.  He’s a hardworking lawyer who works long hours into the night.  Rich pays attention to detail, which is a must in his area of practice.  He is friendly, personable and truly cares about his clients.  Also, he’s a terrific lawyer. 
Duane Jones; South Holland, Illinois

The thought of filing bankruptcy was hard for me to accept.  Since we had legal deadlines to meet, we wanted a lawyer who is on top of the schedule.  Rich practices law like lawyers should.  He responds to emails and telephone calls promptly.  And Rich’s staff shares his values.  I gladly recommend Rich to anyone, even if they don’t yet need bankruptcy.
Anonymous; Chicago, Illinois
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After my husband and I decided to file for bankruptcy, we met with Rich and hired him to handle our case.  Rich made sure we understood all the ins and outs associated with bankruptcy.  He was kind and patient, and moved us easily through the process.  He made a stressful situation much easier to bear.
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Rich put me immediately at ease.  He is a kind, caring person.  I could tell that he had a high level of expertise and he got a terrific result for me.
Holly Campbell

Rich is the most helpful attorney I have ever met.  Rich gave me his complete attention and responded to all of my questions.  He and I considered different options, with bankruptcy being one.  Meeting Rich was like seeing an old friend.  I was completely at ease, even though we had just met.

Rich’s trust and commitment to us was surprising and most welcome.
Josh, Chicago, IL

I always refer Rich when anyone asks me if I know an honest, smart bankruptcy lawyer.  Rich made my hopeless situation easier to endure.  Rich’s services do not end when the case is over.  Knowing that I could call him in the future just to catch up was most comforting.  Rich is a credit to the legal profession and I’m so fortunate to have found him.
John, Chicago, IL

When my finances got out of control, I was running out of options.  When I found Rich I knew everything would be all right.  He helped me accept bankruptcy as a positive step, which made my financial problems easier to manage. 
Rich kept me informed and gave me peace of mind.  I gladly refer Rich to anyone who needs an excellent lawyer to solve their money problems.
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