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Although I have spent many happy years here, I have now moved on to my own website .  All my past blogs are making their way there too. So whether you're looking for new articles or favourites from the past, you can find them all on...

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New Releases..The Flame Eater & Between
decided to self-publish rather than stay with my previous traditional
publisher, I am now delighted to have the freedom to publish any number of
books at any time. Whereas traditional publishers limit an author to publishing
one book a year – I can b...

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STAR WARS is back - Incase you hadn't heard!
In a cinema not so far, far away, I
recently saw the new Star Wars film for the second time. And I honestly think I
enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. It is pure, unassuming
unchallenging and unadorned entertainment – especially for those who s...

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Christmas Curiositie's
In the northern hemisphere, winter can
be long, dark and bleak. In ancient times this could mean starvation. The land
froze and any remaining crops, edible roots and herbs disappeared under the
snow. Farm animals were brought under cover, or killed and thei...

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A WHITE HORIZON leads us over the Arctic
Circle and into unknown ice-lands where the endless wilderness is snow bound,
and what lies beneath is hidden. The great white polar bear wanders, master of
the sea-ice, and beyond the icebergs, the whales, seals and...

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Loving History
We owe so much to all the long struggle
of those who lived, suffered and battled in the past, who strived to achieve
their best, and finally died within their own developing lands and the
considerable limitations and restrictions of their society. Whatever ...

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The Dastardly Death Of William, Lord Hastings
appears that the traditional assumptions surrounding the execution of William,
Lord Hastings  in June of 1483, generally incline towards the idea
that the Lord Protector, Richard Duke of Gloucester, simply lost his temper and
so, without lawful trial or ...
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