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Josh Ourisman

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Well no one on Twitter seemed to care very much, so here, G+, is a picture of a dog sitting on a roof in Little Italy, Baltimore.
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"Pandemic! PANDEMIC!!!" Watch that corner, homey dog...
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Josh Ourisman

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I should really get some of these.
My apologies to whomever sent me this, I've forgotten where it came from.  And, yes, I intend to invest in these cards promptly.  
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Josh Ourisman

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Planning itinerary: DCA ✈ JFK ✈ HEL; HEL ✈ VIE; TXL ✈ JFK ✈ DCA.

With a day in Helsinki, and a bunch of Austrian and German cities in the middle. :)

I love travel. :)
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Well, this will be in September, so weather should actually be quite pleasant. :)
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Josh Ourisman

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Looks like we'll be spending some time in German-speaking places next year (a couple weeks in Germany and Austria). I should actually learn some German before I go this time. Spent a week in Berlin last year and got by, but felt very helpless (oddly, my previous experiences in Vienna and Munich were much easier).
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Well, looks like the trip may be back on! Australia has been bumped to December/January, so our October Austria/Germany trip is back in play!
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Josh Ourisman

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Apparently someone can take over my Verizon Wireless account and keep my grandfathered-in, unlimited LTE data plan.

Who wants it?

What'll you give me for it? :)
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I was an early adopter in Portland (Ore). For a few months after LTE rolled out, I regularly got > 25 Mb/s. Now, since LTE has been more widely deployed, I see 2-3 Mb/s, except when I get less. 3G here (on other carriers) is as good or better.

However, this summer while driving through a random Virginia countryside I got about 20 Mb/s.

Throughput depends too much on the client/tower ratio and total bandwidth. PDX is saturated, so the performance here is terrible. 

That, and LTE eats batteries like nothing else. 
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Josh Ourisman

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Not exactly a scientific study, but perhaps the beginning of an answer to +Brian Dunning's question about eliminating helmets in American Football.
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Josh Ourisman

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Cats > Australia, apparently.
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Josh Ourisman

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Email I received: 'Did you know that people who commit mass shootings are more likely to be on psychiatric drugs? Here's a whole lot of articles docmenting that fact!'

My response: 'Did you know that people who are on psychiatric drugs are more likely to have psychiatric problems, including the sort that lead them to commit crimes?'
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I wonder what the relationship is between people who are on psychiatric drugs and people who use IE...
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Josh Ourisman

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Massive "end of the world" sale. GOG makes old games so you can play them on your computer. Games average 5-10 dollars. 125 games are 50% off and groups of games are 75% off. Zorks, Dungeon Keepers, Populous, etc. Coolio!
Classic PC video games, free or cheap, downloaded direct to your desktop from Look at our catalog of 300+ games from many different publishers.
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Josh Ourisman

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Horrible tragedy? That's so last week! Let's go shoe shopping!
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Josh Ourisman

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Ok, I have ALL email notification disabled in my Google+ settings, and yet I still get emails for every single item that's posted to communities that I'm in. How do I make this stop? Either the emails stop, or my participation in Google+ does.
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+James Clark I have joined three today, and one was set to ON, and two were set to OFF.  Not sure why that is since I have not created any yet.
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