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We should all be super athletic with how many calories parenting burns!

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Arch w/ MATE

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Lump BodyTech, one of TIME Magazine's list Best Inventions of 2014, announced its integration with the Validic digital health platform to provide posture tracking for healthcare and wellness companies.

With 70% of the population suffering from back pain and its prevalence as a leading cause of missed workdays, the actionable feedback the Lumo Lift provides users is set to become a standard tool for success in both personal health monitoring and in the workplace.

We are excited to welcome Lumo Lift to Validic's industry leading digital health ecosystem.

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MacBookAir 5,1 running EOS freya. Plug and play. All devices supported and working great. I had this setup to dual-boot with Yosemite, but seems like I won't be seeing Yosemite for a while.

Note: This is tested with MacBookAir 11" 5,1 and eOS Freya Beta1. Some of the issues you may encounter can be solved by looking at the rest of the "Ubuntu" base installs and fixes.

For those who want to give it a shot, the preparation should be the same as with this link:

With my setup, I split the 120GB 50/50... The 50 is configured as "Free Space" in Yosemite's Disk Utility. After installing the rEFInd, you'll be able to boot in your Live eOS Freya.

In the partitioning process, I did create the "swap" partition first, I assigned 8GB for it, just to be sure. Then created the "/" as EXT4. Those are the only two partition i created for eOS.

After successful install, you'll be able to see that everything is working, including the Keyboard Backlight, Brightness Control, Wireless, Bluetooth and also Suspend/Wake Up.

You will notice that the fans will be screaming after install. To be able to fix that, I installed the following:

- powertop
- laptop-mode-tools
- macfanctld * Manages the Fan

> sudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools macfanctld powertop

rEFInd is a bit slow at boot up, but for me it's OK. I am still able to use Yosemite in Dual-Boot.

I haven't benchmarked the battery yet. But it'll be bias because I use this laptop differently as per everyone else.

Anyone having issues with Brightness control with Lenovo IdeaPad S20? Thanks

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#conky  #minimalist #ubuntumate 
Lenovo Ideapad S20 + SSD Upgrade

Loaded #go1 .4 and instantly seeing good stuff :)
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