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Vickie Thompson
Family History Researcher for over 30 years
Family History Researcher for over 30 years
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The Riggs Family & Mark Twain in Missouri
My next blog post while on our vacation from May 23rd to June 5th is after we left Kansas City and before we headed on over to Kentucky.  This day was Friday, May 26th and we followed the trail that my husband, Roy's 2nd great-grandfather, Nathaniel Riggs, ...

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Family Visits, Cemeteries & Friends
Well there is no particular order to my posts from our trip, just as the moment moves me to write about the next little things we did while we were gone. For this post I will be talking about all my family and friends that we were able to see while we were ...

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The Ferry, the Garden & the Cave
This post is about our day the 31st of May 2017, at Garden of the Gods, Cave-in-Rock and the ferry crossing which is located in Crittenden County, Kentucky and Hardin County, Illinois on the banks of the Ohio River. If you are driving down to Marion from He...

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Day 3 of our Kansas City trip and I am finally getting a chance to do a little post about the happenings so far in our little adventure.  Flying from Salt Lake City to Kansas City. Driving over to our hotel from the airport. We arrived in KCMO on Tuesday af...

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Getting Ready to Start Vlogging
Well I guess vlogging is a word, it wasn't when I was a kid, but neither were videos.  I guess that means I am old.  😉 Roy and I, are getting ready for our trip and are leaving on Tuesday morning for Kansas City.  When we leave Kansas City we will be drivi...

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“Marguerite & Lafe”
Rachel Floyd & her father, Lafayette Maxwell Alexander This is the continuation from the post I did on Wednesday,
March 15, 2017 about Amy Susan Floyd Loftis. 
Amy’s daughter, Daisy, my Mamaw, told me that her mother had a child
before she marrie...

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Amy Susan Floyd Loftis
The ancestor I am writing about this
time was my great-grandmother, Amy Susan Floyd Loftis and who I called Mamaw
Loftis.  She was my Mom’s
grandmother.   This story is going to be a
little longer than most of my post, but I think it will keep you reading u...

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James Tilford Elder
Well I am finding it hard to find the time to set down and
write a story about an ancestor, however, I am trying to work on that more.  The man I am writing about this time was from
my Papaw Beard’s side of the family and was his grandmother, Louwanda Bigha...

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Veldo Thomas Corley
I was trying to decide on a story to start off the year and
my Daddy’s baby brother, Bobby Corley, just reminded us all a few days ago that
Pa as we all called him would have been 108 years old on December 27 th .   Pa,
born Veldo Thomas Corley was born on ...

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My Blog in Review
First off I want to say Happy New Year to all my family and friends, and may 2017 be your best year yet!!!!!!! I have really enjoyed writing and posting here on my blog.  I never thought I would be doing something like this, but it has been really fun and I...
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