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Dawn Elise Evans
An observer of life, a writer of stories and an archivist of ideas.
An observer of life, a writer of stories and an archivist of ideas.

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A life spent with our eyes focused on the rear view mirror strips us of much of the joy, excitement and grace with which we are afforded by a 360-degree view.

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The Autumnal and the Vernal Equinoxes and the Summer and the Winter Solstices define a year.

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The Autumnal Equinox
                                           Last rose petals linger....                                                                 dee’15 Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 4:22 AM EST          I have been keeping an eagle eye on
the calendar, waiting for...

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The jump from Second Bridge hones the edge between intention and action. This time with a nearly fatal outcome.

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Jump from Second Bridge
                                Young jumpers leap from Second Bridge       dee            There has
been a lot of water flowing under the bridge since I last wrote regular postings
to my blog.   Before I return to the
practice of writing my blog, I feel as...

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A day of perfection -- all mine.

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All You Have to Do is Show Up.
Inkwell Beach Foam  Often, I labor over the blog posting. I work hard on
choosing the right image, bolstering it with the ideal word, and edit it until
I feel willing to share it with the world. 
Today is different. Today, the beach, in its wisdom, taught m...

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Kay’s Eggceptional Eggs: 18 months, two dozen eggs and three homegrown herbs
Homegrown rosemary, oregano and sage        The Christmas
before last, my daughter, Kay, surprised me one morning when she volunteered to
make eggs for me.  It was one of the
first times I could recall that, in her 23-years, she had offered to serve me

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There is a lot to know about the geography of Martha’s Vineyard Island.
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