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Radio Free Skaro
A Doctor Who podcast by three jaunty fellows.
A Doctor Who podcast by three jaunty fellows.


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Radio Free Skaro #551 - Hungry Like The Wolves (w/@2minutetimelord) #DoctorWho #ClassDW

Chip, of the currently on hiatus Two-Minute Time Lord, current Whovian gadabout, and man about town rejoins Two of the Three Who Rule (Chris is still punching his liver with an assortment of British liquids) for a brief sojourn through a paltry news list…

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Radio Free Skaro #550 - Make America Day-and-Date Again w/@2minutetimelord, @HeadOverFeels #DoctorWho #ClassDW #NYCC

With New York Comic-Con upon us, the Doctor Who news is (at last) coming fast and furious with two(!) trailers for Class out in the wild and a panel featuring Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Matt Lucas, Brian Minchin and new companion Pearl Mackie at the…

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Radio Free Skaro #549 - Doctor Spats #DoctorWho #ClassDW #FluidLinks

The spinoff Class continues to dominate discussion amongst the Doctor Who intelligentsia, with a panel incoming this week at NYCC and controversy raging about the late arrival of said spin-off in the United States of America. And for a second week running…

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Radio Free Skaro #548 - Absinthe and a Dead Bird #DoctorWho #EdmontonExpo #FluidLinks

The Three Who Rule are at conterminous space coordinates this week, and despite the ever-present danger of the Blinovich Limitation Effect (not to mention cooties, con crud, and wayward glitter), they were able to record this episode “live” at Edmonton…

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Radio Free Skaro #547 - Seville Unrest #DoctorWho #ClassDW

Class fever is building, as evidenced by a fan-made trailer and bits and pieces of official ephemera dribbling out of the BBC about the upcoming Doctor Who spinoff. We’ve also got news of a slap-fight between Steven Moffat and John Barrowman, a hipster…

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Radio Free Skaro #546 - Hipsters of the Quawncing Grig #DoctorWho

This week, we begin the first of a two-part commentary for “The Two Doctors”, a Robert Holmes romp with Two, Six, hipster cannibals, tall Sontarans, and Elton John as a disco scientist. Enticing! But before the main event, the Three Who Rule reflect on…

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BBC Worldwide To Release Animation of Lost Doctor Who story "The Power of the Daleks" on November 5 #DoctorWho

BBC Worldwide to release animation of lost Doctor Who story, The Power of the Daleks on Saturday 5th November, exactly 50 years to the minute after it was first transmitted on BBC One at 5.50pm on Saturday 5th November, 1966 Classic story featuring…

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Radio Free Skaro #545 - The Mark of the Ayres (w/@MarkAyresRWS) #DoctorWho #Miniscope

A chance meeting with a newly married couple blessed by one Mr. Peter Capaldi, dribs and drabs of Class news, and….a Miniscope! Musical scientist Mark Ayres is the subject of keen-eyed observations from the Three Who Rule, only one of which (Steven) have…

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Radio Free Skaro #544 - The Dog Days of August (w/@Stephen_Hatcher from @Whoovers) #DoctorWho

New York Comic Con happens in October, with a strong presence from both Doctor Who and Class. But what if you a) are impatient and b) live not on the eastern seaboard of the United States but the East Midlands in the UK? Well, if you can wait until…

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Radio Free Skaro #543 - Two One Contact (Is The Answer) #DoctorWho #FluidLinks

Rumours, mumblesuch and nonsense dominated the news week, from Power of the Daleks teases that weren’t to the chance (slim to in actual fact…none) that Doctor Who would shoot soon in Warren’s own homestead of Vancouver. All poppycock! But you can count on…
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