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We give away 3 high quality Bonsai toolsets, each worth $349,95!

Participating is easy; +1 this image and share it (publicly) to your profile.

1. The contest runs for one week, until Monday the 9th, 18:00 (UTC).
2. The toolsets will be shipped worldwide, without any cost, so everyone can join.
3. At the end of the contest we randomly select three winners.
4. The contest runs on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
5. We give away one toolset per social media; the Facebook contest has ended, but you can still participate on twitter:
6. The prizes; toolsets with stainless steel tools, 11 pieces, packed in a luxurious bamboo box.

The prizes are generously sponsored by Bonsai Outlet, thanks!

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I can´t stop, today I get myself an Azalea, I don´t know which one it is at the moment. I choosed it because of the rootbase, it´s very beautiful to me, and the structure of the branches is nice. I aerated the roots, they were very dense, typical for a tree directly from japan. I did not cut the roots, it´s too late spring yet.
Then I choosed a pot for the tree, it´s a little big at the moment, but gives the tree room to develop, and when it´s bigger, it perhaps fits then.
I removed unnecessary branches, like the one coming towards the viewer after choosing my front, and the spiral stair like formation after the first branch.
I wired it and hope für backbudding next spring, now it looks kind of weird, some bracnhes are too long, especially at the top.
The lower branches are too straight, but it´s difficult to bend Azalea branches, they crack very easily.  I cracked the upper backbranch :(
So I do not know what to do with them in future, perhabs I find a solution. Also there is a gap at the right side, hope that a bud will apear sometimes to fil it with a new branch.
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