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Via +Debra Askanase . Curator of infographics that make you stop, think, and refine your media outreach tactics.
LOTS of great info here about nonprofits by industry, who's talking online, and how many are talking back to them. Found the part about most @mentions/type of nonprofit the most interesting. Also like that they elaborate how the data was discovered +Urs E Gattiker +Karen Dietz

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Less than 1% of nonprofits raised over 100k this year through social media.

But their strategies are replicable, and they're spelled out in this great article on frogloop.

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Want clickable tweets? Put your links towards the beginning or middle of the message.

Informative article with really cool heat map of over 200,000 tweets, showing which link locations within the tweet were the most successful.

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Now that's service! THank you +Social Capital Inc. for doing such a thorough job in addressing my question. Definitely went above and beyond the call of duty.
Last week we posted a new study from Common Impact on skills-based #volunteering. +Drew Love had a question about resources on this topic. We checked in with the folks @ Common Impact and they mentioned this report that "has a list of resources (page 10) that nonprofits can access to assess their organizational needs and also contains examples of how to use skilled volunteers to address these needs."

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Fascinating article on the future of the internet. David Gelernter predicts that information in web 2.0+ will be ordered in streams, the same way facebook, google+, and twitter manage information.

Perhaps not even as prophetic as it is an extension of what's already happening.
In 1991 a Yale professor David Gelernter envisioned a lot of what we now do on the Internet. Future computing, he thinks, may be organized around a concept called 'lifestreams.'

I don't agree with his negative comments about Google, but it's an interesting read.
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