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Jeff Beddow

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After the Blood Moon it was just another Full Moon

Jeff Beddow

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Nice, +Jeff Beddow. Three of anything generally works well in a photo!  ;-)  I like the kitty - pretending to be asleep, but peeking at the photographer.
Looking East at sunset.  Minnesota River, March 25, 2014.
The sunset effect on the opposite side of the bridge was pretty spectacular for a few moments on this evening.  
Canon xTi, 5 frame x 3 exposure HDR pano
HDR in Photomatix and pano process in Hugin.

The water level in the river is rising as the snow melt from upriver pushes down the valley.  Might have some high water this year, as we still have a month of melt and some record high level snow falls.  It depends on how slowly the melt occurs, and how much the wetlands and fields can absorb before sending it down into the river.

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me gusta la descripsion de el deshielO GRACIAS
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Jeff Beddow

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Still Life with small rainbow.

Need. To. Get. Outside 
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me gusta ese juego deluz y sombras
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Jeff Beddow

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Well preserved gas station in Carver, Minnesota.  Hasn't been used since gas was 13+ cents a gallon.
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Nice capture, Jeff!
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que lindo aca en Argentina tenemos otoño
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Jeff Beddow

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Increase in diabetes in the US by county, 2004-2010.  Dark red indicates more than 10% incidence of the disease.  From the Center for Disease Control website.

To me this is a staggering development...
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Jeff Beddow

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It was a strange day in Minnesota today.  The temp was in the 50s almost 60 for the first time since last October.  Over 5 months of winter.  There were hordes of people on the lake paths, and solid ice across the water surface.  Bikers and inline skaters elbowed the knotted packs of serious walkers, and children darted among all the churning legs to chase dogs and test the ice.  The people seemed to be escapees from some sensory privation.  I couldn't bear to show them with bared skin, eyes upcast for stray morsels of sunlight.  So I took this panorama, which ended up kind of melancholy.  The brief respite from dread Winter was nice, but the real tone was empty, and somber.  
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interesante delineacion
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Really like your composition, Jeff. The strong foreground nicely frames the river... Thanks for sharing with your #LandscapePhotography friends!
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Retiree occupied with visualization software design and landscape photography.
Photography, Editing, Design, Programming.
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    I pursue landscape photography and data visualization with equal interest and passion.
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    I spent 32 years in service to the citizens of Hennepin County in various roles with the public information office
  • Experience
    Owner Operator, 1956 - 1980
    Started with a paper route at age 8 and was continuously employed in one form or another until retirement at age 64. Jobs included newspaper reporter, photographer, carpet layer, construction contractor, carpenter, sound designer, art curator, furniture mover, programmer, political consultant, research assistant, lab manager, upholsterer, caretaker, bartender, bouncer, tour guide, Dairy Queen clown, short-order cook, railroad brakeman, janitor, truck-farm hand, portrait artist, graphic designer, art director, public information officer, survey crew member, crisis call line volunteer, camp counselor, canoeing instructor, life guard, playground director, and paid poet.
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"Art is a lie that points to the truth" -- Picasso
I am devoted to visualizing the beauty and truth of nature both through photography and data science.  I have been involved in the intersection of art and science through most of my adult life.

Bragging rights
I work to be an excellent old man and die well.
  • University of Minnesota
    Urban Studies and Fine Art, 1965 - 1971
  • Brown Institute
    Certificate in Programming, 1980 - 1982
  • Hunter college
    Drawing, 1972 - 1972
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
    Painting, 1971 - 1971
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