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SEO Specialist at TripAdvisor
SEO Specialist at TripAdvisor

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It's been a while Google+. Time for a bit of self-promo for my dog, YOYO :) Worked on this video last night, hope you enjoy!

#samoyed #dog #siberian #winter #snow #fluffy #sammy #yoyothedog

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Has anyone had any experience with GoDaddy's $3/mo SEO services? $3!? Like what the heck!

I've got a potential client that is looking for a 6 month engagement. They're in the Ecommerce space. Fairly low budget. Looking for consulting and perhaps some help with the implementation. Message me if interested. 

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For any of you dealing with "disconnected listings", here's a case study I wrote up detailing the process I took to get one of my clients out of this rubble. Please share your story if you've experienced anything similar / different :)

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Never too late to jump on this bandwagon :)

Oh - and if you're an SEO ninja looking for a challenging opportunity, DM me!

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So... how much data does Facebook have of us? 

"When the data is the social graph of 500 million people, there are a lot of lenses through which you can view it. One that piqued my curiosity was the locality of friendship. I was interested in seeing how geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends. I wanted a visualization that would show which cities had a lot of friendships between them."

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Wrote a new post for LocalU on How to Export Data from the Google My Business Dashboard Insights Report. Hope this will help with your reporting :)

Is there any way to tell if a listing's been hit by a "Local" penalty? A client of mine is ranking really well organically, but not in the pack. They used to, not anymore. In fact, when I go into the Map results, they are no where to be found. No dupe issue or anything like that. What cues should I be looking for? Thanks in advance for your help.


I have two e-commerce clients that I'm looking to refer, as my availability is changing over the coming months. Both are small budget work. The first one is the in the organic skin care industry. The goal will be to take the audit I've done for them and help their team implement those changes in an ongoing basis to increase organic visibility. The other is an art-like business. They're interested in understanding they their rankings have recently dropped for 4-5 of their keywords, as well as ongoing support to improve their ranks and online conversions. Please message me if you're interested, and perhaps samples of e-commerce clients you've worked with in the past. Thank you!

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Have you all seen this EPIC citation list by +Nyagoslav Zhekov today? OMG :)
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