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This is only the tenth review that says the same thing about the seat being almost unbearable. Suzuki doesn't care because they assume that people will be forced to go the the aftermarket and there is more profit for them to put on a crummy seat. But frankly, it's lame, just poor business and disrespectful to your customers. What other products do we buy just assuming that we're going to have to spend near $500 just to be able to use it for more than an hour at a time? Sheesh. Guess I'll check out the FZ-07 a little closer....and I've already owned two SVs.
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Hey folks,
I'm buying my first cajon to use on easy jazz gigs.  Metal snares, guitar strings or piano strings? 

Just wanted to say hello.  Been playing drum set for 35 years and now I've been looking into playing the cajon.  I play mostly jazz, blues and standards and you don't normally see the cajon in this, I'll see what I might be able to offer.  Or, I may get asked to leave the bandstand.  :)
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