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Jeremy Branham

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Budget Travel Adventures will continue but is going in a new direction.  I am making some huge changes.  Thank you for all of your support.
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Oh thats great
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Jeremy Branham

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Paying tribute to France on her upcoming birthday this weekend with some money saving tips
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Jeremy Branham

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Dreams and the pursuit of happiness

Behind the mask of superficial successes lies of layer of insecurities and uncertainty.  

A few years ago, I listened to tapes of a 4 year old boy screaming "you ain't nothing but a hound dog" as he performed in front of his family.  I laughed with amusement, jealousy, and joy.  

I learned that the little boy got lost as he got older.  Like that time he picked his nose in school and got made fun of in front of the entire class.  Then he was uprooted and moved as his dad lost his job and he tried to fit into a place he never really belonged.  He never formed close bonds and believed no one cared about or liked him.  Yet he couldn't let anyone see that.  He believed his athletic abilities and academic prowess would cover up the emotional vacuum that gathered dust and dirt but was never emptied.

His all star abilities on the baseball field and high academic high school class ranking meant he was bound for success.  Yet the little boy was still lost.  He was an unemotional child that kept every part of life in control (held together by passive aggressive behavior that slowly leaked from the seams).  He lived in a left brain world where studying, analyzing, and logic could solve every problem - whether academic or relational.  He was shy and insecure and never had a girlfriend in high school.  But he continued to pursue success as he knew it.

Years later, those wounds and uncertainties were still buried deep.  Gradually, they came to the surface and he found more and more of that little boy buried inside.  Years later, he wrote about travel as writing and photography sparked a creative side he never knew existed or that he forgot was there.  Slowly but surely, the right brain told the left brain it wasn't in control any more.

That guy still searching for that little boy is me.  This past weekend in Portland, I met people who inspired and challenged me.  I realized that everything I had known or believed about the world may be wrong.  I laughed.  I cried.  And I honestly can't tell you why.

However, here are a few life lessons I learned from World Domination Summit this weekend.  My hope is that it inspires the little boy or little girl in you to live out your dreams and find the happiness you're looking for.  We are only a part of a much bigger story on a grander stage.  May your right and left brain worlds collide so that you can be the best you that you can be.

Writing has opened a door for me.  I don't know what's on the other side.  Right now, I only see a glimpse.  The empty canvass waits but my words can't color the page. Then brush strokes of poetry paint a masterpiece and I believe I'm a great writer

Here are my life lessons from World Domination Summit

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Jeremy Branham

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Beautiful sunset last night here in California. We don't get many clouds in the summer but enjoyed an evening walk looking at the sky.
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+Camille Nasralla Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for these photos.  Fortunately, I did have my phone to at least capture the sunset :)
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Jeremy Branham

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Rejection reflects the opinion and preference of someone else.  It's not a judgement about you.

via +Jia Jiang  #wds2013  
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Jeremy Branham

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Taking a moment to say thank you for all of your support and encouragement.  I have a big announcement coming up.  To many of you, this will be a shock.  However, it's been a blast!
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What is just what you need ????????
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Jeremy Branham

Travel Photos  - 
In honor of #bastilleday  in France, the 3rd in my travel photo of the week series on Paris.  This is a sunset photo at Sacre Coeur
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Really Impressive
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Jeremy Branham

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"Sacre Couer sits as the crown of Paris.  These may be the best views the city has to offer."

Do you agree?  See what Sacre Coeur teaches us about photography and why it makes Paris so beautiful.  The answer might surprise you in this week's travel photo of the week.

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What a Sacre Coeur sunset and Montmartre can teach us about photography while giving us a greater appreciation for the beauty of Paris
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Both a wonderful church and an amazing view, day or night!
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Jeremy Branham

Natural/Rural Landscapes  - 
Multnomah Falls, Oregon 
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Jeremy Branham

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Said a tearful goodbye to my passport as I sent it off for renewal. Pages of travel memories traded in for blank pages of travel opportunities. Ok, so I will get my passport back and didn't really shed any tears although I did almost cry when paying those passport fees.
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Jeremy Branham

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Who doesn't love making new friends and being reacquainted with old ones while traveling?

Here I am with +Keith Jenkins of +Velvet Escape 
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I've been over to your end of the pond 7 times :) I was there last year (Ireland).  It's just a matter of being in the same area at the same time :)
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As a traveler, I am passionate about travel tips, budget travel, family travel, destinations, and using travel as a metaphor for life.  Travel has taught me so much and changed the way that I have viewed the world.  So as I share my stories, adventures, and perspective on travel, I hope to challenge people about the way they travel and live their lives and encourage others to live a life of purpose and fulfillment in whatever they do.

One of the most exciting aspects of travel that I cover is my series the College Football Travel Tour.  This series uses college football games as a way of exploring the culture of college football as well as travel as I attend games, share stories and features on football, and explore the travel aspect of college towns and cities with travel tips, places to eat, campus tours, where to stay, things to do, and stories from a travel perspective.  Check out the series:

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Experiencing life means experiencing the world around us.  For many years, travel has been my passion.  While there are many who love to travel, everyone is unique when it comes to their travel experiences and favorite destinations.  I want to share my adventures, lessons learned, and tips on traveling.  Being a bit frugal, I love to save money where I can and believe that spending less allows you to really connect with the places, people, and culture in your travels.

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