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14200 Linden Ave N Seattle, WA 98133
14200 Linden Avenue NorthUSWashingtonSeattle98133
Apartment Building, Apartment Rental AgencyToday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
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"Yes there are probably some drug dealers but I never have to deal with any."
3 reviewers
"Within months the majority of the type of tenants became obvious."
6 reviewers
"And the leasing agent i met with was amazing, Kaitlyn i believe."
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Chris Peters
a month ago
I can't say I like anything about this place. First off they showed me a way different unit than the one I got. Then they got mad I was kinda angry that I felt I got screwed. The "cleaning" staff is useless there's always some kinda of puke,poop,trash,ect that they take forever to clean. There's always crack heads outside my window fighting. The office lady told mre to call the crap security guard about noise as the office won't help you at all neater will the security guy. There's always bums near by or in the "secure building". They are rude about giving you packages and everything else for that matter. They were sweet as punch when we were looking but right when your done signing your lease there change there tune. Like 3 months in my neighbor flooded my apartment and the office treated me like crap for it then my water was off for 3 days with no apology or compensation at all. If you like quiet don't look here if you like cleanliness don't move here as I said before there's all kinds of excrement everywhere. On my side of the building the trash compactor is always going off and slamming in to the wall. They lie in there listings to there is no a/c at all and it getts hot as hell. A few of the office lady's have really treated me with very little respect at all. When I asked for the number for there boss They went off on me like I was a little kid. I feel like it's blatant discrimination against me they wo t say anything to my upstairs neighbor when I have a complaint but they sure will slap me with a 10 day notice. I have put in like 5 work orders but they have yet to come fix it for about 6-7 months. I would like to find some legal advice about this but don't know where to start. I wouldn't suggest this dump to anyone at all. Also don't ask about breaking your lease then they feel like your free game to treat like crap till you leave. If you do move in take pictures of everything so you have some kind of defense.
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Christopher Halczuk's profile photo
Christopher Halczuk
4 months ago
The place is night mare.......Management worst The security sucked . Nobody care for nothing. How can people live in this buildings. My advice goo way and never return to this ridicules place, let tem live for tem salve. If I can I can give less then " 0" star......
Duane Beaman
a year ago
I enjoyed living there for about two of the twelve months I was there. I couldn't get out fast enough. Peoples' cars were getting broken into in the 'secure' garage, street parking was out of the question. It sounds like a small gripe but it is impossible to recycle if you live anywhere but the first floor. And of course you DO NOT want to live on the first floor. But the worse thing is the noise...they will apparently let anyone move in so there are drugs everywhere and the noise, two and three o'clock in the morning there are drunk idiots outside yelling, shouting or fighting. I tried going outside and talking to them...that didn't work. Then I tried to talk to the leasing office about it and the answer I got was welcome to "city living". The people above me must have had four kids who run everywhere they go. From four in the afternoon until ten in the evening the kids are running back and forth. Then one falls down and it stops for about fifteen minutes. I went up and talked to them as well but that only stopped it for one I am happy to be done with them, if for nothing else, to get a good nights rest. The management there only know how to move you in. anything else and you have to call corporate....yourself. All in all...that place really sucks. Pay an extra dollars and move somewhere else...I think that's all you save by living there anyway.
• • •
Joshua Engelhart's profile photo
Joshua Engelhart
a year ago
I'm not sure why people are complaining so much. I have lived here for about 6 months without any problems. The staff is nice and always willing to help. My apartment is quiet and I don't get bugged. If you are nice and friendly to the other people in the complex and mind your own business then you shouldn't have a problem.
Teque Brighten's profile photo
Teque Brighten
5 months ago
Before you move into an FPI Managed Property, it would be in your best interest to research the company on Google or IE. You will find extensive complaints and litigation towards the company about its properties. Tressa has had problems with bed bugs, cock roaches, black mold, en-soiled carpet in the apartment and the hallways, damaged elevators, violence towards tenants in the common area and not safe at night, drug dealers, unsafe underground parking environment and tenants property damage to their cars by people who get into the property because the gate stays open for long periods of time, as well as other unsafe environmental issues with code violation. They've been reprimanded by the county health department and have had many serious instances of litigation towards their properties for various code violations and issues that have caused serious health issues towards its tenants. I regret to also say that they hire people to work at their properties are not screened and who are not qualified in real estate property management. The management hired to not competently full fill roles within their company. Do your homework first before you move into their properties.
• • •
Sara Rowe
6 months ago
I absolutely hated this place. the office manager is a flaming bitch and doesnt care to help you at all. Lazy, and rude. The fire truck came every other day which waas very annoying for someone who worked very early. And now that I broke my lease back in June, the office at tressa refuses to contact me so that i can pay off my lease and move elsewhere. I have contacted them many many MANY times. I do not recommend moving here AT ALL.
Barb Birdsong's profile photo
Barb Birdsong
a year ago
I have lived at Tressa almost 3 years and have found it to be a great place to live. The people that live and work here are great people. I have yet to find anybody that has caused me any problems. There is seems to be in never ending cleaning and fixing crew working daily. I have seen some tags in the elevators which have been removed very quickly. Unlike most of Seattle. Most recently, the tagging has decreased decisively. As far as the smells, any time you have a multi-cultural community, you're going to have smells that you're not used to. If you feel you absolutely cannot stand living with smells that you're not used to then rent a house. Those people that call this place a slum or the owners slumlords, have no idea what it's like to live in a slum. They're using inflammatory language to scare people away from a very nice place to live. I've lived in a duplex that could be called a slum rental. It had holes in in the walls where mice came in regularly. I would report the mice, but they never fix the holes. When I first moved there the tub was covered with mold. I was told they'd fix it right away. Instead of fixing it, they wrapped plastic around the molded area and left it that way for at least a month. I had to complain several times before they finally started to repair it with cheap materials and bad workmanship. There was a half inch gap between my apartment and my neighbors in the hallway that opened up to the basement, so more mice could come in. Tressa is much nicer and their repairs are done much quicker. I've never seen a mouse here and I don't expect to because it is a well cared for group of buildings. Don't let the chronic complainers scare you off from living in this neighborhood. Tressa is a community, a neighborhood, my home. It's a great place to live.
• • •
Dan Mattwig's profile photo
Dan Mattwig
2 years ago
Ok so i have been here for three months. So some parts of most of these reviews are true like the funk in the hallway and the lack of parking in the street. Well its a carpeted hallway dafaq do you expect.The parking in the street... its Seattle people come on if you are having that much of a problem buy a parking spot in the garage and if you can't afford the 50 dollars a month for the temperature controlled garage you shouldn't be driving anyway. I pay 825 for a parking spot and a very small one bedroom. I park in the street and my girlfriend parks in the garage. At first the size of the apartment surprised me but it grew on us after we got everything in. The appliances are just the basic cheap commercial version but there new so they work well. You only pay electric which is a big help. my electric bill was only 25 dollars for 2 months and all we do is turn the lights off when we leave. Its very energy efficient..The elevators are dinged up due to people using them to move furniture but what can you expect if you have people living on 6 floors they work fine maybe smell a bit but that's about it. Ok so getting into to this place is kinda a hassle Frank is very professional and knows what hes doing and actually gets things done he is the manager afterall. Now the other girls that work in the office are a different story. One of them just seems fairly lazy or their "compliance" person is lazy as all hell i'm not sure which because it took forever to get accepted. we had to call every other day to make sure they were actually moving forward.. Once your there though they are really helpful and actually gt stuff done. So about the neighbors and crime and whatnot. Yes there are probably some drug dealers but I never have to deal with any. And now pot is legalized so your probably gonna smell it alot more anywhere you go.But overall I have not had any problems my neighbors are kinda weird but i don't have to deal with them too often so it not a problem. you will hear sirens go by once in a while but i have never seen them come to the apartment itself. Maybe its cause im at work half the time but who knows.I dont know what promised land these other people came from with there extremely high expectations. It's low income housing half the people are section 8. I moved from Cleveland, if you think this here is bad? then you would have a heart attack every day in Cleveland. I'm just a normal white guy who doesn't do drugs occasionally has a few drinks and walks 20 min down 99 to work every other day. I feel fairly safe here and would recommend it if your looking for a cheap place to live in Seattle. Just don't set your expectations to the roof.
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