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Buddy Scalera

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Yeah, more or less. Captures the cliches. 
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This is a good way to start the day.  #happy  
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Buddy Scalera

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Best video of the day. 
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My press badge for Social Media Week in New York. #ogilvysmw #smw2014
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Sweet! :)
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A 1-minute video that explains how analytics can be completely misunderstood.

#analytics   #marketing  
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Buddy Scalera

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Do you want to be Superman? Yeah, me too. 
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Good business, career, and life advice. I like how they organized this list. 
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Smart data observations. Can you organization gain a competitive edge simply by analyzing the data you already have on hand? Is your competition using social and behavioral data? 

#analytics   #socialdata  
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Just posted an interview that I did with +Ross Crooks of +Column Five on the topic of Infographics and data visualization. Good insights from a smart guy. 

Worth checking out if you're trying to integrate visual storytelling into your content strategy plan. 

#infographics   #datavisualization   #contentmarketing   #visualcontentstrategy  
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SVP Multichannel Content Strategy
Content marketing, writing, photography, comic books
  • Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
    SVP Content Strategy & Media, 2006 - present
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Content marketing, pharma strategist at Ogilvy CommonHealth in NJ, book author, & comic book writer. Irresistable, right? Wait, there's more...
Content strategist, marketer, photographer, comic book writer.

Author of five books, dozens of comics, several short films, a handful of commercials, a bunch of interactive web applications, a few apps, hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and a trio of multimedia CD-ROMs.

Senior Vice President of Content Strategy and Media at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide - Interactive Marketing, an award-winning emarketing agency.

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Books I've Written:

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Author of 5 books
  • Hofstra University
    Journalism & Mass Communications
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