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Allah... my Rabb
There are people on this earth who may seem insignificant to you and me. But they are beloved to Allah and their names are constantly mentioned among the angels I should be ever grateful to Allah for the tough times because Allah chose me, thought I was goo...

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Eid Fitri 1438H
This year Aidil Fitri is no different from other years 6am - Subuh at Surau (+Takbir) 7am - Went to mother's grave 9am - Solat Aidil Fitri at Sek16 mosque 10am - Breakfast & gathering at Aunt's house 12pm - Went to father's grave 1pm - At Che Yah's 3pm - At...

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Ramadan 1438H
This Ramadan is very special to me (1438H). This year, Ramadan has 29 days. 29 meaningful days. This Ramadan is special in a sense that the days are filled with small but consistent deeds. 2 pages of Quran in a day Isya & Subuh prayers in Jamaah 8 rakaat of...

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BPL 2016/17 Conclusion
My early prediction (Sep16) : Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal (Tottenham, Liverpool) My revised prediction (Apr17) : Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool (Arsenal, Man Utd) Conclusion (May17): Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd...

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Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung recently launched Galaxy S8 in April 2017. Ironically my S5 started giving problems. They are minor problems, but sometimes when it stalled because the screen did not move after several attempts, and you have to OFF and On it again, it became very  ...

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Jan 2017... 4 close people passed away
Jan 2017 came.... I lost 4 close people during this month. They all passed away either on a Thursday or a Friday. First week, it was arwah Abdul Razak Majid, my prefect during my years in Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). He is 56 years old Second week, i...

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My 2017 Target
Just sharing with everyone... I have 6 things that I must not lose sight 1. Maintain to be able to read Jawi 2. Able to hafaz from Surah Annas (114) to Surah AnNaziaat (79) 3. Harfiyah 4. Able to remember Asmaul Husna 5. Exercise twice a week 6. Read Quran ...

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My 5th trip to New Zealand
I went to New Zealand for the 4th time. This time I explore both the North and the South Island on a Campervan with my family. Enjoy the vidoe

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Man Utd vs Chelsea EPL April 2017
This match is a test of tactics and strategy. It produces the best out of Mourinho. Manchester United is now playing exciting football again. Manchester United is fighting for top 4 finish. Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City and Liverpool are occupying the top 4 ...

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Blogging is considered outdated.
With all the social media available, writing a blog seems to be outdated. So, I have Facebook  (hisham.mustaffa.39). Did not realize that there are many Hisham Mustaffa in this world! I have Instagram (mustaffahisham). I have twitter (hishamagpie). And I ha...
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