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Steve Bullock
Tech drivel, football drivel, observational drivel......I drivel a lot.
Tech drivel, football drivel, observational drivel......I drivel a lot.

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A few shots taken with the Moto X Style. Loving the phone so far.

#motorola #motox
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Had to be done! #Moto360 #oneplusone #oneplus +OnePlus

I have 3 invites with 23 hours left to purchase. First 3 email addresses posted in the comments will get them.

After using the early CM12 build for 24 hours, I have moved back to the CM11 44s build due to poor battery life and missing Cyanogenmod features such as double tap to wake and the 'clear all' feature on the app switcher. 

Moving back to CM11s actually felt like a step forward from CM12 due to the missing CM features. 

I'll be back on lollipop once the CM features are added. I didn't realise how much I relied on them until I shifted to CM12.

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Well battery life is pretty abysmal with the new cm12 build. Being in Alpha it can be excused.

Miscellaneous anyone?

Who wants an Inbox invite? First come first serve.

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If anyone is experiencing the issue with WiFi not working following the 44r update, you need to flash Franco's latest kernel to fix this (root required).

#oneplusone   #oneplus  
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