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Reckless wind
Wants to take away the moon
Great passion

what is our fate
/or the will of God?/
to have the wishes, but
never make some plans,
just waiting that we're given
a fulfillment of desires

or make plans,
never trust the chance
enjoying powerfulness
for fails and rise and
giving mercy,accepting
it by own mind

the beauty of life,
flowers like paint on greenery
snow is high on mountains
but in soul, darkness and joy,
the snow white intentions..

images and feelings,
looking around, not inside
how can i write haiku
copyright@olga belov

o precious, my love
gentle arc of heaven over you
glaze of blue water,
butterflies on your shoulders,
shimmering in the sun

copyright@olga belov

what is the dew for us
when life is fleeting, short,
we never can see spring 

copyright@olga belov

They look at me from the past
i know them, in silence they’re
listening to me...

copyright@olga belov

become fearless and
find zen in the soul
nice try few times during the life
so nice to talk sometimes 
to a distant friend,
to share a mutual sympathy
snow and cold 
it is not a poetry,
just winter

copyright@olga belov

what eyes had Joshua,
my friend asked me in Jerusalem/
just look around

copyright@olga belov

merry sparrows
take a bath in warm puddle,
summer  pleasures 

copyright@olga belov
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