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Are there any premade flyers/display items for running Road Crew events in PDF form?

I am planning to do some Roadcrew stuff at a FLGS, when i stopped by for Free RPG day I started talking with some of the people working there and they thought it would be awesome to add some OSR to their lineup.

For folks who have run things like this before, any suggestions, helpful things to bring along (besides extra dice and all that fun stuff).

Thanks in advance

I started a S&W Light campaign at work, I grabbed some mini modules from RPGNow, and if things continue I may switch to White Box or Complete and lead into Grimmsgate. Pure old school fun. I can't wait to do more, and I have to say the light rules are very liberating in a way. I feel more free somehow to just make quick judgments and move on rather than spend 20 minutes looking for a rule on how something is done. Loved every second of it!

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Across all of the Cypher System universes, what is everyones favorite setting? I want to introduce some coworkers to the system.
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The Strange
Gods of the Fall
Other (Comment below)

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Starting my S&W Light lunch game at work today.

I am going to be running a S&W Light, looking for some nice b&w art for the front. EDIT Fir the front of the screen. Sorry

So I recently picked up the 1st edition of GURPS Discworld RPG, anyone know the differences in the second edition?

I am behind the curve here, but S&W Light is an awesome idea. I am going to try using it for a work/Lunch game. Anyone know of a good adventure to run that can be done in a few one hour sessions?

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Spent a little of the tax refund.

What is everyones favorite character sheets to run with for a non-online campaign?
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