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F. 172- A Middle English manuscript in Worcester Cathedral Library.
Worcester Cathedral Library has a very interesting
fifteenth-century manuscript written in Middle English, using the much the same
language as Chaucer fifty years earlier. It is known by its catalogue title of
‘F. 172’, and is an anthology of religious writ...

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Researching the provenance of seventeenth century anatomy books
This week we installed a small display about anatomy books
from Worcester Cathedral Library published in the seventeenth century, called
“Dissecting, discovering and depicting”. We had many interesting books to
include in this display, yet not a lot of spac...

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Retirement planning in the Medieval Period
Worcester Cathedral's Library and Muniments are an ideal place for
research into medieval Worcester and its Priory.   Here is an update on one of the many projects
that are ongoing at the moment and more will follow over the next few weeks.   Planning for y...

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A Dynasty of Medieval Bell founders in Worcester
This blog summarizes a recent research project that traced a family of medieval bell-founders, the Seynters/Belyeters, in
Worcester. It's important to begin with  a brief explanation of the surnames that will occur. In the middle ages many people derived th...

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Worcester cathedral library blog is a great place to discover more about the collections that the cathedral library holds.

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Lost Anglo-Saxon Charters of Worcester
How far back in time can the history of your town
be traced? For some, the answer is the Anglo-Saxon period, over 1000 years ago…  Engraved portrait of Dean George Hickes of Worcester. From Thesaurus Grammatico Criticus & Archaeologicus.  Image copyright o...

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Amongst the many travel books held within the Cathedral Library
there is a published account by Captain Edward Cooke (fl. 1710), in which he describes in
detail, his travels and adventures around the world. This voyage was undertaken
between August 1 st 170...

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Hugh Latimer Bishop of Worcester man and martyr
Hugh Latimer was one of
the important clergymen who helped to establish the Church of England in the
mid-sixteenth century. Together with Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and Nicholas Ridley,
Bishop of London, he is remembered as one of the Oxford martyrs. In this...

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Frances Ridley Havergal - Famous Worcestershire Hymn writer
Frances Ridley Havergal was loved by everyone throughout her life. From the moment she was born in 1836, Frances was considered an angel by her family. Frances as a young girl was charming and lovely, almost fairy tale-like in her manner and appearance, but...
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