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Photographer and Technology Advocate
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bubble bubble
I created this simple graph to illustrate why I think the Facebook IPO is the result of a 'bubble'.

Ford vs Facebook:

- Ford has 36 times higher revenue
- Ford has 8 times higher profit
- Ford has 8 times as many assets (including a much larger cash reserve)
- ...but Ford is valued at only 41% of Facebook's expected market cap.

More to the point. Ford's market cap is valued at 70% of their total assets. Meaning that if Ford where to closed down today, the investors could just sell the assets and get their money back.

But Facebook is valued 1,370% higher than what they have in assets, meaning that if Facebook closed down today, we are talking serious financial loss.

This is the era all over again. Value is being determined based on activity (page views, ad impressions, users), instead of real things like... you know... money and assets.

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Google+ app for iOS get new design and it's looking great.

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New Google+ design is much better at least for me.

Wikipedia to shut down for 24hours tomorrow to protest against #SOPA. Just need Facebook and Google to join in blacking out internet.

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...sometimes the best ideas are the most simplest.

share if like please :)

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(Sun06) How the U. S. Army made a sandwich that can last two years.

Photo credit: Bob Reinert/U.S. Army

More on fresher food:

#iPhone is all about what you can do with your phone and #Android, what you can do to your phone. Which one you rather have?

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☑ Kim Jong Il
☑ Khaddafi
☑ Osama Bin Laden
☑ Saddam Hussein
☐ Internet Explorer

I created something (for free) doesn't make me responsible to continue giving support and service for it. It's for you to take, troubleshoot and grow it into something better. #opensource
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