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Charlie Ball
Terran by birth, Smart-ass by the Grace of God... and part-time philosoraptor
Terran by birth, Smart-ass by the Grace of God... and part-time philosoraptor

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I'm in the process of setting up a Traveller adventure (or possibly a string thereof) for a group of folks that I play D&D with... The DM expressed a desire to tale a break and actually play in a game. He also wanted it to be a SciFi game.

After a brief Q&A on what the kind of game he had in mind, I thought about it a bit and suggested Traveller. To my shock and amazement, they'd never heard of Traveller, let alone played it, before.

It was getting late and I was on the way out the door as we were talking about it, so I tried to summarize the game & setting in terms I knew he'd be familiar with. Then it hit me...

"... It's damned close to Firefly."


The more I thought about it, the more I decided it couldn't be a coincidence that the show and the game were so similar.

Does anyone happen to know definitively if the RPG was any influence on the Series? My cursory perusal of the Internet has yielded some rumors, but little confirmation...

Hiya... I'm new to the group. Played Traveller many, many... many moons ago and am looking to start up another game with some folks who've never played it... 

Can anyone tell me of a decent character generation program/app/site - esp for Classic Traveller?

I've been nosing 'round the internet and have found a number of world and system generators, but not much  for characters...

Just discovered the BBC Dirk Gently series (Pilot + 3 episodes) are available  on disc from Netflix.


I wouldn't mind having today's doodle as an element on my desktop... the archaic look of a two-dimensional orerry is amazingly cool... spiffy, even.
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