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I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me inside of your circles. I'm just a guy who wants to share things that I thought interesting, so feel free to comment or re-share it as you see fit.
On to introductions! My handle name is Satoshi Kenji. Originally, it's Satoshi Ken_G, but due to some issues in the past, I had to change it. I'm a regular users of Google+ since the early days. My rank is pretty high in my home country because there's only 2% of Google+ users among social networkers here. I'm doing a various jobs to keep my life going. I usually post anime-related stuff, and I tend to make a meme or GIFs by myself. You can expect fresh stuff from my post, but I'm a bit slow on catching up to new anime release.
Due to recent development, I thought I had to lay some rules whenever you want to comment or share my post. It wasn't too hard, really. I just want to keep everyone happy, so I need to repel some things from my post.

1. No hate or flaming comments
When I post something, I means I got some sort of interest in that certain stuff. So, if you go grumbling on my post about how much you hate it, of course I'll be disappointed, even for just a bit. I can take it as a joke if you comment only one or 2 lines. Any further, well... I just mute without question. I don't appreciate people who wants to troll on my post and use is a battlefield. Lastly, DON'T SHARE MY POST JUST TO ADD HATE CAPTIONS . It's rude for me, or at least the original artist of the pic.

2. Don't be stingy to share your knowledge
"I'm not a perfect person..." That Hoobastank's lyrics explains a lot about me. I tend to make mistakes sometimes, and I'm open to critiques. Even so, I don't like people who thinks they know something but too cool to share their knowledge with others. They only rant about how wrong it is, but never point out the mistakes. If I see this, I'll only assume is as attempt for trolling, and mute it.

3. Interact with English
I know that Google+ users comes from all over the world. Sometimes they commented using their native language, so I use Google Translate to view these comments. Even so, Google Translate are not usually accurate, because there are some terms that they can't translate. There's also issues for automatic spamming mark to these comments. So, if don't want to bump on these problems, I strongly suggest you to use English whenever you want to comment. It makes things easier for both of us.

3. Disabling Comments
Some of you might notice that I'm disabling comments in some posts. This only applies to the first post that I do for the day a.k.a, greeting post. I'm doing this after a lot of thinking, because it's tiring to argue just because 2 words that I put in that post. I remember that I got into same arguments in the past several times before, so I think this is the best course of action.
For people who thinks it's an insult, I'm sorry. I never intend to do it to that extent. It's already a part of my identity for this avatar, so it's not like I can change it that easily. As for trolls, you don't have a right to pick on people just because you think it's wrong. but don't know what's right. In some cases, you just want to insult people just for fun and to prove how right you are.
Doing this doesn't mean I'll disable comments for other posts. Just don't bring comments about this matter to my other posts. I'll just think it as unrelated and delete it.

There might be more things I lay out when issues arise. For +'sers, I thank you again for taking your time viewing and commenting on my post. As for haters, if you think you're too hard to follow the rules, you can just drop me out from your circles. I don't blame you, because it's just means that our interest are not the same. But, if you stay and yet breaking the rules, I'll grace myself to block you from any activities in my post.

I thank you for your time :)

A sure win strategy XD

Character : Banpei-kun & Morisato Keiichi
Anime : Ah! Megami-sama
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If it was reality I would vote for the guy without rockets because the guy with the rockets would get in a wreck. In anime anything is possible.
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Instant heater XD

Character : Sonoda Yuu & Sonoda Mitsuki
Anime : Sakura Trick

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Konnichiwa minna-san :)

Reference : Costume from Shingeki no Kyoujin
Character : Pikachu
Anime : Pokemon

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This picture just made my day
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Here's another one :)

Character : Kirito (GGO Avatar)
Anime : Sword Art Online

#mydailypost #mydailykirito #kirigayakazuto #kirito #sao #ggo
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+IAm DEATH , who me? If me, thanks.
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Transferring hidden contents XD

Anime : Hanamaru Kindergarten

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My Daily Kirito :)

Character : Kirito (GGO Avatar)
Anime : Sword Art Online

#mydailypost #mydailykirito #kirigayakazuto #kirito #sao #ggo
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Well, that explains a lot XD

Character : Gilgamesh & Saber
Anime : Fate/Zero

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That lion has watched way too much Gintama
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My Daily Kirito :)

Character : Kirito (SAO Avatar)
Anime : Sword Art Online

#mydailypost #mydailykirito #kirigayakazuto #kirito #sao 
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Nice art. SAO is awful in my opinion though.
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With all the bugs going on in G+, I missed yesterday's posting time. So, I'll post 2 #mydailykirito pics today :)

Character : Kirito (SAO Avatar)
Anime : Sword Art Online

#mydailypost #mydailykirito #kirigayakazuto #kirito #sao 
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Konnichiwa minna-san :)

Anime : Seitokai no Ichizon
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Anime : The Idolm@ster
Name : Hoshii Miki
Nickname : The Visual Queen
Seiyuu : Hasegawa Akiko
Age : 14 > 15
Height : 159 cm > 161 cm
Weight : 44 kg > 45 kg
Birthday : November 23rd
Blood type : B
Three sizes : 84-55-82 > 86-55-83
Hobbies : Bird watching, Talking to friends, Nail Art
Favorite Food : Onigiri & Strawberry Bavarian Creme Pastry
Skill : Sleeping
Bragging Rights : Getting good things with less effort

#animeinfo #animebio #idolmaster
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A bit knowledge on computing, games and business. Master on arranging books :P
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Bukit Sentosa 3, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia
Being a student is better than being a teacher
A 20's who's still looking to do something big in life. In a conquest of new anime and games =D P/S : Currently semi active. Logging in once every 2 & 3 days.
Bragging rights
The owner of +Anime Quotes & Pics
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    STPM.... And didn't go to university. I rather work.
  • Bukit Bintang Boys School
    Secondary, 2000 - 2004
    PMR & SPM
  • Sekolah Rendah Bukit Bintang
    Primary, 1994 - 1999
    PTS & UPSR
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